Here is the dog breeds perform X-Y-Z.  It"s rather a quick page! There space not many dog breeds who names begin with the letters X, Y or Z. However we have done our best, and also researched the currently obtainable breeds.

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Please let us understand if you recognize of any kind of pure breeds (not hybrids) the we have actually missed. Girlfriend can call us HERE.

Xoloitzcuintli or mexican Hairless

Also dubbed Mexican Hairless

Origins: MexicoSize: little or Toy; Miniature and also Standard SizeGrooming: EasyTraining: AverageRecognition:  FCI:  team 5;  AKC:  Nonsporting;  CKC:  Nonsporting;  KC:  Utility;  UKC:  Sighthound & Pariah

This is a an extremely ancient breed, over 3,000 years old, and was worshipped by the Aztecs. The Mexican name "Xoloitzcuintli" is pronounce "show-low-eats-queen-tlee", regularly shortened merely to "Xolo" (pronounced "show-low"). Confusingly, there room 3 size - Toy, Miniature and also Standard,  and they deserve to be hairless OR through hair. This web page is about the hairless breed.

This is one intelligent and sensitive breed, and needs agency and mental stimulation. Lock do ideal when they deserve to play with one more dog or 2, are contained in the family group, and also are allowed to invest time and also sleep indoors.


Origins: USASize: SmallGrooming: straightforward to AverageTraining: simple to AverageRecognition:  nobody - hybrid dog

A Yorkipoo is a "designer" dog result from cross a pure-bred Yorkshire Terrier with a Toy or Miniature Poodle. Lock are really affectionate, and perfect for apartment dwellers as lengthy as they are socialized sufficient to minimize their barking. They are finest suited to owners who work-related from house or space retired, so the the dog is not left top top its own for long.

This dog is bright, confident and bursting v energy. Castle are an extremely affectionate, and love being with their "family". The terrier genes provide the confidence, but the Poodle gene make the Yorkipoo an ext mellow than many tiny dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier

Origins: EnglandSize: SmallGrooming: median to Time ConsumingTraining: AverageRecognition:  FCI:Group 3 Terrier,  AKC: Toys,  ANKC: Toys,  CKC: Toys,  KC: Toys,  NZKC: Toys,  UKC: Companion

Bold, affectionate, brightand fearless room words regularly used to describe the Yorkie’s personality. They enjoy adventures and also snuggles,but they still keep the terrier part of their temperament, which means theycan it is in feisty and vocal. Possessinga really dominant character, they will nothesitate to wake up for your rights, also if it way attacking a dog twicetheir size.

Some Yorkies room greatoff leash, but since they room terriers and also have that terrier mentality, theyshouldn’t it is in left turn off leash till they have a certain recall.  they are small and fast and also if somethingcatches their eye, you can lose yourlittle man in one instant.

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Also dubbed Illyrian Sheepdog, Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog;Macedonian Sheepdog, Illyrian Shepherd Dog,  Illyrian Sheepdog

Origins: Macedonia/Serbia/KosovoSize: LargeGrooming: AverageTraining: Time ConsumingRecognition:  FCI: group 2,  CKC: Miscellaneous,  UKC: Guardian

Dog Breeds list XYZ

Zapadno-Sibirskaia Laika

Also dubbed West Siberian Laika

Origins: RussiaSize: tool to LargeGrooming: AverageTraining: Time ConsumingRecognition:  FCI: group 5


Also dubbed Miniature Pinscher

Origins: GermanySize: SmallGrooming:  EasyTraining: AverageRecognition:  FCI: group 2,  AKC: Toys,  ANKC: Toys,  CKC: Toys,  KC: Toys,  NZKC: Toys,  UKC: Companion


Also referred to as Miniature Schnauzer

Origins: GermanySize: SmallGrooming: Time ConsumingTraining: AverageRecognition:  FCI:  group 2, AKC: Terrier,  ANKC:  Utility,  CKC:  Terrier, KC:  Utility, NZKC:  Utility, UKC:  Terrier


Also dubbed Pomeranian

Origins: GermanySize: SmallGrooming: Time ConsumingTraining: AverageRecognition:  FCI: group 5,  AKC: Toys,  ANKC: Toys,  CKC: Toys,  KC: Toys,  NZKC: Toys,  UKC: Companion

Did I miss a Breed?

With so many dog breeds in this world, there is a great chance i may have actually omitted one or more. An initial of all, I will apologize for the omission, particularly if your dog was the one ns forgot.  Secondly, won"t you take the moment to send me a fast note, letting me recognize what dog breed have to be top top this page?

I sincerely appreciate your time and will get the breed info up as conveniently as possible.

We hope you have enjoyed our perform of dog breeds X-Y-Z

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