Aaron Lewis transformed into a staunchly conservative country singer, and big Machine"s top boss is all about it.

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Aaron Lewis, Candace Owens, and Scott Borchetta
I’d choose you to monitor me right into the weeds the a deeply bizarre controversy—bizarre, mostly, because of the unlikely cast of personalities it involves. On one next of this dispute, us have big Machine brand boss Scott Borchetta; the man from Staind; Candace Owens; the hosts of Fox & Friends; and also various Breitbart-adjacent right-wing agitators. ~ above the other, we have actually a 68-year-old music blogger and his devoted readers, which include some the the most powerful people in the entertain business. The girls, as they say, are fighting, and the hit is an extremely strange.

The saga begins with the abovementioned guy native Staind, Aaron Lewis, who mostly abandoned his nu-metal roots around ten years back and pivoted come a solo career as a country artist. (He was influenced to perform so by boy Rock, a close girlfriend of his.) top top July 2, Lewis—a self-described “deplorable” who has “DON’T TREAD top top ME” tattooed top top his neck—released a tune whose main title is “Am ns The only One,” but might also be called “Fuck The Libs.” You’ll discover pretty much every little thing you need to know around it from this one lyric:

“Are friend tellin" me / that I"m the only one willin" to fight / for my love the the red and also white / and also the blue, burnin" top top the floor / one more statue comin" down / In a town near you”

By July 4, “Am ns The only One” had actually hit No. 1 on iTunes, ostensibly moved to the peak of the chart by patriotic american who, choose Lewis, love Confederate statues and hate Democrats. Later that week, Lewis went on Fox & Friends to discuss his song; the week following, he performed the live ~ above Candace Owens’ Dailywire show. That earned glow coverage from a bunch the right-wing media outlets, including Breitbart, Newsmax, Fox News, and SiriusXM’s conservative station, Patriot. All that push apparently had actually a huge impact: “Am i The only One” debuted at No. 1 top top the Billboard Hot nation Songs chart last week, becoming just the ninth song in history to attain that feat. 

At part point, the track came throughout the desk of Bob Lefsetz, a veteran music blogger who long-running newsletter, “The Lefsetz Letter,” is watched by many in the music serstclairdrake.net as forced reading. (“Just about everyone who’s anyone in the music industry” subscribes to it, as the Los Angeles Times composed in 2017.) Lefsetz provided “Am ns The just One” a hear and, top top July 15, released a post around how much it sucks.

“It’s HEINOUS!” Lefsetz wrote. “This center class, right wing wanker has actually recorded a track that should have actually been played at CPAC, in in between speeches through nitwits like Lauren Boebert saying to refuse the ‘Fauci ouchie.’”

From there, Lefsetz trained his sights on the man responsible for putting this song right into the world: Scott Borchetta, the CEO of huge Machine brand Group, which has Lewis top top its roster. Lefsetz tore into Borchetta because that releasing “Am ns The only One”—telling him, notably, to “get her head the end of your rear end”—and implored him to drop Lewis from his label. 

Then Borchetta himself acquired in the mix, creating a page-long email responding come Lefsetz’s takedown. Lefsetz published it the following day.

In it, Borchetta notes the while he and also Lewis have “political differences,” Borchetta “believe in the first Amendment,” every little thing that’s an alleged to mean. He also lauded Lewis for his “unique allude of view”—though love the flag, hating liberals, and also defending Confederate monuments isn’t all the unique—and because that “inspiring conversation.” 

“You don’t need to agree or acknowledge, however Aaron’s blog post is speak to countless people,” Borchetta writes. "Let it it is in a wake up up speak to to reps and also dems alike—be loud and also be heard!”

Borchetta’s letter garnered a lot of reader responses, and also Lefsetz walk ahead and published those, too. Musicians, producers, and also industry executives slammed Borchetta because that “amplifying ignorance” because that a quick buck, “perpetuating the spread of racism under the guise of complimentary speech,” and also otherwise making a “disingenuous” debate to protect a “disgusting” decision. Other, less eloquent reader simply dubbed Borchetta one asshole. And a select couple of came come Borchetta’s defense—including Dawn Soler, the an elderly stclairdrake.net chairman of Music at abc Television and also a self-described “very blue girl.”

“When one artist deserve to inspire patriotism and thought from both sides, that’s beauty and should always have a voice,” Soler wrote. “I applaud and more than evaluate executives the make those calls, also when that goes against their own personal beliefs.”

Lefsetz released those leader responses top top July 17; unfortunately for drama-hungry onlookers favor this reporter, he hasn’t posted around the conflict since. Meanwhile, huge Machine is gearing up to press “Am ns The only One” to radio starting July 26, according to a firm press release. Once that work comes, probably Lefsetz will reignite his beef through Lewis and also Borchetta, providing us one more opportunity to watch a bunch that music market powerhouses speak shit about each other through unedited, profanity-laden emails. Here’s hoping.

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