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Founded in 1975 by Peter Dooney and also Frederic Bourke, your eponymous brand Dooney & Bourke is recognized for stylish stclairdrake.nets the have become synonymous v unparalleled quality and fine craftsmanship.

While the label at first only sold colorful belts and also suspenders, the soon developed to include a heat in 1981, through the relax of Dooney & Bourke’s classic Tack Case and also Equestrian Bag.

In 1983 the top All-Weather animal leather Bag was introduced, i beg your pardon featured the label’s signature duck logo design with one embossed animal leather font.

Dooney & Bourke stclairdrake.nets quiet remain really popular, v celebrity fans such together Emma Roberts and also Hayden Panettiere. However like most designer stclairdrake.nets with cult followings, counterfeit Dooney & Bourke stclairdrake.nets likewise remain on the rise.

Dooney & Bourke’s guarantee provides one year that unconditional protection on your brand-new purchase

You’ll then be asked to fill in every these details and also once completed, the bag’s authenticity will certainly be confirmed and also verified.

If for some reason you space unable to find the bag’s identifier number, friend can conversely use the product’s distinctive SKU code to look increase the bag layout on the Dooney and Bourke website and also see if it matches.

Questions about Dooney & Bourke

Is there a Dooney & Bourke outlet?

Yes, there room 17 manufacturing facility stores situated in Maine, Florida, Virginia, Washington, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Texas, brand-new York, Nevada, and Delaware. Many outlet stores lug a full inventory the Dooney & Bourke merchandise, including stclairdrake.nets, wallets, and accessories.

Where space Dooney & Bourke bags made?

Since the agency was established in 1975, the company has to be making bags with a team of designers and also craftsmen in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Some manufacturing has been moved offshore. Plenty of bags and also purses space made at factories in Italy, Puerto Rico, and China.

Does i Love Dooney offer authentic bags?

Yes, i Love Dooney is one outlet store selling authentic stclairdrake.nets and accessories. The website is own by Dooney & Bourke and also all commodities sold room covered through the standard one-year guarantee.

Does Dooney & Bourke have a lifetime warranty?

No, over there is no life time guarantee. While all assets are developed to carry out a lifetime of use and enjoyment, the vouch covers simply one full year of regular use.

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Does Dooney & Bourke repair purses?

Yes, the agency will repair any bag or accessory that has end up being damaged or worn. The repair cost will no exceed fifty percent of the existing retail price because that that particular style.