is situated on the shore of Massachusetts 16 miles north that Boston and 45 miles south of brand-new Hampshire. Neighboring neighborhoods include Beverly, Danvers, Marblehead, Peabody and also Swampscott.

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Logan global Airport in Boston, MA, is the the next airport. It is a 30- to 45-minute journey from Logan come downtown, depending on traffic. Visit for more information.

Manchester airplane in Manchester, NH, is around 70 minutes away by car. Visit for an ext information.

If you space planning your an initial visit come, please start at the local Visitor Center, located at 2 brand-new Liberty Street. The nationwide Park service Rangers and volunteers can assist you v maps, brochures and also directions. There room clean restrooms, a gift shop, and a complimentary 27-minute film called “Where past is Present.” from there, you might want to take it a trolley tour to orient you yourself to every one of the attractions in the City. Trolley supplies a 1-hour narrated tour, and tickets space valid for on-and-off travel until 5pm on the day the ticket is purchased.

When can I gain a schedule because that Haunted Happenings?

The schedule of occasions for Haunted Happenings is published yearly in August. Visit for information on last year’s festival, and for this year’s events as they are planned. We add new events nearly every day!

When walk the Ferry run?

Boston harbor Cruises operates Ferry service in between Boston’s long Wharf and’s Blaney Street. The existing year’s schedule is easily accessible on that is website. The pilgrimage takes 55 minutes. The ferry is enclosed, has actually restrooms and a snack bar.

Can us take a train or bus to

You can! The MBTA (Massachusetts Bay transportation Authority) Commuter Rail connect come Boston’s phibìc Station, Newburyport, Rockport and Gloucester. The fare between Boston and also is $6.75 per ride (one way). You can walk indigenous Depot to downtown shopping, dining, attractions and the waterfront. For bus service, take #450 from south Station, #455 indigenous Wonderland and #459 native Logan Terminal C.

What is the weather choose in

New England weather is unpredictable year-round. Monthly averages, in levels Fahrenheit, are:

January: 37 high, 20 lowFebruary: 40 high, 23 lowMarch: 47 high, 30 lowApril: 57 high, 38 lowMay: 67 high, 48 lowJune: 76 high, 58 lowJuly: 82 high, 63 lowAugust: 80 high, 62 lowSeptember: 73 high, 55 lowOctober: 62 high, 45 lowNovember: 52 high, 37 lowDecember: 42 high, 27 low

Where can I purchase a mix ticket to’s attractions?

Visit The floor of Witches & Pirates v a combo ticket come the Witch Dungeon Museum, Witch history Museum, and New England Pirate Museum.

The Hysteria Pass contains the Wax Museum and Witch Village.

The Visit 1692 Pass has the Witch Museum, Witch House and the Rebecca Nurse house in Danvers, and includes discounts at The Tavern in ~ the Hawthorne Hotel, Ye Olde Pepper liquid Companie and also Goodies ice cream Cream (Danvers).

How huge is is a really walkable city. How fast you walk it is as much as you! Most world can to walk a half-mile in ~ a leisurely pace in 15-20 minutes. Here are some sample distances:

To walk native the MBTA train station to the Ferry at Blaney Street is less than one mile.

The National Park Service local visitor Center to the Phillips House on Chestnut Street is simply over a half-mile.

The House the the seven Gables to the Witch Museum is a half-mile.

The Peabody Essex Museum to the naval National historic Site is less than a half-mile. Willows and Winter Island marine Park are each around 1.5 miles from the center of downtown (at Common). While human being do walk this distances, many prefer come drive. Over there is ample parking at both destinations.

What is the red line attracted on the sidewalks?

The red heat is the legacy Trail, and it connect the most necessary stops and neighborhoods in The heat is painted top top the sidewalk and creates four loops v the city to aid you explore. It is painted on the map in the visitor Guide, on the maps in the info kiosks approximately and in the ideal Maps.

We are traveling in an RV/motor home. Where deserve to we park that while we view the sites?

Motor home and also RV parking is allowed at Willows Park and along fort Avenue surrounding to the dominion Power Plant. Native downtown, control northeast, Derby Street turns into ft Avenue. The Trolley runs tours to Willows and can carry out transportation to the downtown because that the price of your ticket prices. RV camping is easily accessible seasonally at Winter Island naval Park.

Where deserve to we rent a wheelchair or other clinical supplies?

For wheelchair rentals near, contact:

North Shore home Medical, 104 Newbury Street (Route 1), Peabody, MA 01960. 978-535-3893 /

A note around driving in

Pedestrians have actually the right-of-way in Massachusetts, and vehicles space required and expected to prevent for pedestrians crossing the road. Since is a really walkable city, and also a runner-friendly community, girlfriend are likely to conference pedestrians cross the roadway who i think you are aware that they have the right-of-way. Please drive through caution.

Regarding Bicycles: has actually an energetic bicycling community, and also you will notice “sharrows” on numerous streets and also interchanges. You re welcome be all set to re-superstructure the roadway with cyclists, and be responsibility of cyclists once navigating our intersections.

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