Couple of concerns for the old pros: We're control a rental down on a Thursday morning late April. Just wondering: Is the a 'white-knuckle' sort of journey (esp. Roughly the Miami area?). Any particularly tricky areas? exits? turn-offs etc? - or just follow the exactly signage? Where's a an excellent spot to avoid for a tiny break / having lunch on the way? any type of other tips? Thanks.

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I think detect your way out of FLL and also to Turnpike is the trickiest part. Simply follow the signs. As soon as on the Turnpike it's a straight shot. Girlfriend pretty much by-pass Miami. If it's rush hour friend are most likely to struggle congestion around Kendall area. Go v the flow, don't be the slow man in the quick lanes and you're fine. The Turnpike will end and you will discover yourself on united state 1 that will take you right to KW. No turns or anything once you discover the Turnpike indigenous FLL.

The only tricky component is make sure you remain on the Turnpike till the end. Don't monitor the signs to Miami and end up on 95!

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The turnpike in Miami-Dade is far, much west the the city of Miami for this reason nothing to issue about. Girlfriend are much closer to the Everglades than you are the ocean. Leave FLL airport, simply simply monitor the indications to 595 W come the FL Turnpike. As stated above, as soon as you're ~ above the turnpike heading south, make certain you exit on the homestead extension and also not continue straight otherwise you will wind up on 95 and add 2 hrs (minimum) to her trip. Simply look for the indications that have the native "Homestead" and also follow them! Remember leave 47 is wherein you desire to veer best on come the Extension. Take a look in ~ Google maps to acquire a visual...

I agree through the ahead replies. Just go with the flow from FLL to Homestead/Florida City. Climate sit back and reap the ride down Hwy 1. We'd recommend a prevent at grandm Mac's Kitchen in vital Largo. There's the original one ~ above the right. There 2nd establishment is larger and also on the left next of the road. The initial one has more of the tricks feel.

It varies. Some places need more concentration then others.

Get top top I595W. At exit 10 A/B remain in the much left lane. The signage is better, yet still continue to be in the far left lane and also like cruise mother says do NOT gain on ns 95.

At departure 8, you should be in the much right roadway to acquire on the toll fee road. The indications are pretty great from there. Follow the toll roadway to Florida City, climate it dumps right into US1, and also you can't miss from there.

Good info. Therefore far- thanks!. We'll in reality be leaving from ours hotel on fort Lauderdale beach, not from FLL - however I gain the idea. One question: does the signage top top the way actually say the indigenous "Florida Turnpike", or go it say like, a highway or path number, which you have to know is the Turnpike? Anyone?

The signage definitely says Florida Turnpike as soon as you space in Ft Lauderdale. As you continue south past Miami, you will seem come feed right into successive tollway extensions. That hasn't to be mentioned here yet the the most southern tolls room cashless. Friend will need a toll transponder from her rental agency or arrange to purchase a mini sunpass before you head down.

From fort Lauderdale beach, simply take A1A south which will certainly turn right into 17th Street Causeway. Take the to US1 and also make a left. In about a mile it will certainly take you straight to 595 W. Indigenous there, simply follow the accuse above.

re the cashless tolls. I posted top top that problem before. I'm renting native Enterprise. I haven't made any type of arrangement to get a transponder (or any other Star Trek equipment!) indigenous them. My knowledge of their policy is the their cars have actually the transponders? - I simply take the rental & go, and they charge me for any toll fees when I return & pay because that car. Have the right to someone you re welcome clarify if this is correct? or perform I must make part arrangements in advance?

You perform nothing!! They execute all the work.

They either have actually a transponder or it's toy fee by plate, depending on the car. I recently rented indigenous Enterprise and it to be toll by plate. Other times I've had a transponder. After 2 trips back and forth from the keys to Pompano, a charge of $15 confirmed up on my CC statement two months later. You re welcome don't stress around this toy fee thing, world on here have made this mole hill a mountain. They will not have any kind of clue to her tolls as soon as you drop the off.

Pick up your car, reap your vacation, don't worry.

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