After years of vehement debate, the "Noble Experiment" of ban commenced top top January 17, 1920, one year after ~ the 18th Amendment had been ratified by the states. The conflict did not end at the point, the course; the switched to the issues of efficacy, unexpected consequences, famous support, and also repeal. The department between wets and also drys stayed a staple of political campaigns, Sunday sermons, movie melodramas, and also media headlines. That wouldn"t end until the repeal the Prohibition through the 21st modification in 1933.

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Overall, what were the main problems addressed in the Prohibition dispute by 1925?What evidence was gift to declare Prohibition a success or failure?What were the main disagreements for and against repeal that the 18th modification or alteration of the Volstead Act, the federal legislation that implemented Prohibition?What changes to the Volstead Act were recommended by man Philip Hill, the U.S. Referee quoted by Samuel H. Church, and others?How walk Prohibition pendant respond to these recommendations? Why?How go both sides cite individual states" experiences through Prohibition to support their arguments?Compare the debates for and versus repeal or modification by the two physicians (Dana and Kelly), the 2 businessmen (Bourne and Scott), and the two labor to represent (Holland and Cooper).Compare the disagreements presented by the spokesmen because that the Anti-Saloon league of America (Wayne Wheeler) and also the Association versus the prohibition Amendment (William Stayton). How did every characterize the place of the other? just how did each emphasize statistics in his argument? Why?How could the discrepancy in drunkenness statistics cited by pro- and also anti-repeal supporters be explained?How walk Prohibition proponents argue that raised lawlessness and drinking among young women were led to by factors other than Prohibition?How did they address the increase in bootlegging, illegal saloons, and also government corruption throughout Prohibition?What location of Prohibition supporters did "workingmen" uncover objectionable? Why?Conduct study to identify debates that gotten in the Prohibition debate after 1925, especially during the 1928 presidential campaign and the nation"s transition into economic depression after 1929. (See the post-1925 political cartoons and also consult the Supplemental sites below.)How would Prohibition supporters have responded to these statements make in 1925 by pro-repeal spokesmen?- "Five years have actually rolled by, and many think the Prohibition has had actually its chance."
- "Prohibition is the paradise of the ostrich. Through his head in the sand the stupid bird believes the what he will certainly not watch does no exist."
Samuel H. Church
- Prohibition "is an initiative to control the morals of the country."
Henry Samuel Priest
- "Apparently the experiment in national regulation . . . Has actually been a failure and also has carried with it increase rather than decrease in general crime."
How would anti-Prohibition spokesmen have actually responded to these statements made in 1925 by prohibition supporters?- "o other regulation has operated so an excellent a revolution in social welfare as has Prohibition."
- "The Eighteenth Amendment bring to our civilization solid benefits which are an ext and an ext apparent and more and more completely recognized. The is why that is below to stay."
- "In the light of human experience, we must not expect finish Prohibition for some time yet, but that it will certainly come, and also be a component of the nation"s order of life, let nobody doubt."
- "We urge with every energy at our command the the state has actually the inalienable right to restrict any activity whatever—; even if it is it pertains to our eat or drink or other personal habits—in order come promote the public welfare."
What debates for and versus Prohibition space presented in the cartoons?What benefits, harm, and also unforeseen results of Prohibition space represented?How is "the public" illustrated in the cartoons? the ardent wets and also drys?What perspectives room expressed in the cartoons published in Kansas and Nebraska? in Chicago? in brand-new York City? Why?
Hopper, The Bootleggers
What is keep going in The Bootleggers? What is depicted on the canvas? What is suggested? How?What space the three guys thinking at the moment? What will take place in the next twenty minutes?What is Hopper"s apparent comment ~ above the case these men have actually placed us in? ~ above the predicament the nation has put itself in?
How did British Pathé News current U.S. Prohibition come its audience? Why?Considering the wet-dry dispute in the at an early stage 1930s, how could U.S. Sound newsreels have actually presented the very same incidents?
Complete the chart listed below using the major resources in this section, consisting of the political cartoons, painting, and newsreels.
Crime, corruption, and contempt because that the law have increased under Prohibition.
Drinking and also drunkenness have increased under Prohibition transparent the country (not just in the northeast).
Law enforcement agencies has been can not or unwilling come enforce Prohibition.
Alcohol abuse cannot be solved by law alone.
Prohibition was passed in postwar anxiety and also distraction and also is not supported by the majority of Americans.
The Volstead Act can be modified come reflect the bulk will and reduce the harmful impacts of alcohol.
Prohibition has achieved remarkable success, amply proven by statistics.
Prohibition has carried sobriety and also prosperity to the working class.
Due to human being nature, Prohibition will take longer than 5 years come be totally effective.
The development in obtrude Prohibition go not obtain adequate press coverage.
The boost is lawlessness is due to the unstable social impacts of people War One, no to Prohibition.
Prohibition will never be repealed, and the Volstead Act will not it is in modified to enable wine and also beer.

Framing Questions

What components precipitated and also fueled the social departments of the 1920s?How go each department reflect postwar adjustments and the "modern age"?What issues overlapped the many social departments of the period?How had each issue evolved by 1930 together the country entered the good Depression?


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