ObjectiveClarification ~ above the differences among A la mañana / De la mañana / En la mañana / Por la mañana.

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This is more of a memo of what ns learned however I additionally appreciate any type of suggestions/feedback.

"A la mañana" is around the time (of one event)

"A la mañana siguiente, se fueron todos las personas. (On the next morning, all the world left)

"De la mañana" addresses a details time.

Se comienza a las 11 de la mañana. (It starts at 11 in the morning)

"En la mañana" and also "Por la mañana" are more or less the same but "en" might be more specific.

Limpian ras habitaciones por la mañana en los hoteles. (They clean rooms in many hotels in the morning)


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Since ns disagree rather with the various other answer, I"ll administer my own. You are pretty much correct in your check out of them.

en/por la mañana

This is the probably the most typical one you"ll hear. Regardless of there being a small semantical difference in an interpretation (por meaning more prefer “at some allude during”), local usage appears to dictate consumption far more than something else.

de la mañana

Use this as soon as referring to certain times like a las seis de la mañana.

You can additionally use it if you actually average of/from the morning in English: “Es una criatura de la mañana / de la noche”. In many of those cases, you can replace v matinal/nocturna or similar for other periods of the day.

You can likewise omit the post (de mañana) to readjust the an interpretation to other close come "during the morning" or "come morning".

a la mañana

a la mañana will certainly be a an excellent bit less commonly used, though it has definitely been supplied in expressions like A la mañana al monte, a la tarde a la fonte because that centuries. In this case, it might be best to think the a la mañana as a substitute for al amanecer (and a la noche as anochecer, etc). This consumption survives today and also seems come be choose up force, despite what from, I"m not sure. It is not exclusive to any type of country, in fact, offers of it have the right to be discovered on both political parties of the Atlantic and also both political parties of the equator and sometimes can additionally have the definition of by/come morning.

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a la mañana, the course, can likewise be provided in a more traditional sense if it ends up one indirect object such as in the location or if talking about things together if they were physical entities in the towards sense of a, because that example:

Excerpt from “Faut-il s"abétir?” (Vicente Gaos, 1919-1980)

—¿Hacia dónde vamos? —Vamos a la noche... —¿De dónde venimos? —También de la noche...