‘Evangeline: The tale of Acadie’ was among the ideal works by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. This epic poem was about an Acadian woman and also her lost love.

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Written in dactylic hexameter, this piece of sheer genius survived plenty of calamities, consisting of literary revolutions.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It is just one of the very couple of works created in a style like this, that has controlled to organize it’s put in history.

The idea that ultimately shaped this poem had come from one of Longfellow’s friends, Nathaniel Hawthorne. ‘Evangeline’ offers a vivid summary of the Acadian background and the case at that allude in time.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Although criticized because that the selection of the style, it is just one of the works that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is known for.

It has actually a touch that Greek and also Latin classics, most probably, influenced by the publications that he was translating at that suggest in time.

The Plot of Evangeline: The story of one Acadie

Evangeline Bellefontaine was an Acadian woman who was betrothed to her beloved, Gabriel Lajeunesse. Your families, Benedict Bellefontaine, the father of the beautiful lady and also Basil, that of the lucky man, decide to acquire them married.

Just when whatever seemed perfect and also their fairytale love life on the verge of turning into a reality, Tragedy touch them v her cold fingers.

In the middle of your wedding feast, the brothers soldiers notice the assignment of King George. Every the Acadians were forced to provide up their belongings.

The covering of ‘Evangeline’

In this hullabaloo, the brand-new bride loses she husband and her dad dies. For almost the rest of her life, her mission is to find her lost love.

She complies with his trail, sometimes reaching an extremely close come him yet not quite. She doesn’t offer up and keep feather till one day she decides to offer up and move on v her life.

She decides to invest the rest of her life tending come the sick and also the poor. Thus, she starts working at a charity, sisters of Mercy, in ~ Philadelphia.

Critical analysis of Evangeline: The story of an Acadie

One day, if tending to the victims of an epidemic, she comes throughout Gabriel lying under in former of her. She recognizes him and also he simply manages to utter her name prior to losing his breaths come Death.


A exorbitant poem, no doubt, it manages to tear a leader apart. The battle of a woman all throughout she life and the devilish joke the Life lastly plays ~ above the couple is too lot to fathom and inhale.

Evangéline a tale of Acadie

The disappointed of Evangeline in ~ the end of it every is most likely a million times an ext than the overwhelming disappointed the reader feels. One wants to reach and adopt Evangeline together if to sympathize v her yet her feelings space hardly comprehensive.

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Maybe the is why this item is taken into consideration as one of the masterpieces of Longfellow. This poem can mess with your emotions in a heartbeat.

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