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Nick at Nite acquires Everybody Hates kris for loss 2009; The CW Announces early Pick-Ups for 2008-09 Season, has Chris

The award-winning family comedy series, Everybody no Chris from co-creator and also narrator kris Rock, will sign up with the Nick in ~ Nite line-up in autumn 2009.Beginning September 2009, Nick at Nite will become the exclusive an easy cable residence to the half-hour collection which stars Tyler James Williams (Unaccompanied Minors) as Chris, terrycloth Crews (The Longest Yard) as Julius, Tichina Arnold (Martin) as Rochelle, Tequan Richmond (Ray) as Drew, Imani Hakim together Tonya and also Vincent Martella (Deuce Bigalow: europe Gigolo) as Greg.The attend to CBS television Distribution has a four-year license period for a minimum of 4 seasons (80 episodes)...the series was renewed this day for a fourth season coming this fall. The hit collection is currently currently in production on season four, which is contained as part of the in its entirety deal.The collection features guest stars consisting of Jimmie pedestrian (Good Times), Todd Bridges (Diff"rent Strokes), Ernest cutting board (What"s Happening!!), Loretta Devine, Wayne Brady, Orlando Jones, Richard Lewis, Vincent Pastore, Robert Wuhl, Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show) and Tommy Davidson.The collection is additionally cleared in off-network transfer syndication for fall 2009, through 52% that the country covered therefore far and deals signed v stations native the Fox, CBS, Cox Television and Weigel Broadcasting station groups. Chris will air ~ above Fox-owned station in new York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington and Houston. The CBS-owned stations pacting for the display are in Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta and also Miami. Weigel Broadcasting"s WCIU has snagged Chris for Chicago, while indie KAZT has actually bought the present in Phoenix. Various other upcoming collection on Nick at Nite include Family matters (June 2008), Friends (Fall 2011) and possibly The Nanny in 2009, or that can be TV floor now.Discuss the Chris news here.The CW announced beforehand pickups of six collection today, including the network"s signature reality hit, America"s following Top Model, 4 dramas and one comedy. Every six series will return because that the loss season. The network"s most popular series, America"s following Top Model will certainly return with mega-star Tyra financial institutions for cycles 11 and 12. Returning dramas incorporate the buzz-worthy freshman hit Gossip Girl and also One Tree Hill, returning for a 6th season.

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This three collection are the top-ranked mirrors on television with a concentration of women 18-34 viewers.Also renewed were the long-running Thursday night team of Smallville, i beg your pardon will begin its eighth season, and also Supernatural, which will start its fourth season. In addition, the critically acclaimed comedy Everybody hates Chris will certainly return because that season four.