Roman citizens were separated into two classes, Plebeians and Patricians.

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The plebeians to be the reduced class. They included everyone who was not a patrician. Lock were sometimes just referred to as plebs.

The patricians to be the top class. They were the well-off land owners.

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All cost-free adult males to be citizens, no matter what their class. In both classes, the earliest male to be the paterfamilias or head the the family. Old period was honored, and also women had actually no rights. If you might afford them, both classes own slaves. The dwellings of both classes to be designed the same way unless you to be too negative to own your very own home. Everyone worshipped the same gods, and observed the exact same festivals and also holy days. Everyone spoke Latin and everyone checked out the baths and also enjoyed the forum.

Plebeians and also Patricians rarely mixed socially. Because that a while, as soon as to be a kingdom, it was illegal because that a pleb and patrician to marry. Under the Republic, that law was finally changed. Still, marriages in between the classes was rare.

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