1. Surname A television Star that Has properly Transitioned Into feature Films.(6 answers)

George Clooney(21 points)Will Smith(17 points)Tom Hanks(16 points)Robin Williams(14 points)Jennifer anniston(13 points)John Travolta(11 points)

2. Surname A renowned Movie Monster You can See In A Black and also White Film.(6 answers)

Godzilla(63 points)King Kong(31 points)Frankenstein(16 points)Dracula(7 points)Mummy(5 points)Werewolf(4 points)

3. Name An actor Or Actress Who regulates A High value To it is in In A Film.(7 answers)

Tom Cruise(24 points)Jim Carrey(17 points)Brad Pitt(16 points)Julia Roberts(14 points)Tom Hanks(11 points)Denzel Washington(11 points)Will Smith(7 points)

4. Other Than The U.S., What country Is recognized For make Films?(7 answers)

France(28 points)Canada(19 points)Japan(15 points)England(13 points)China(10 points)India(6 points)Italy(6 points)

5. Name A renowned Movie Monster You could See In A Black and White Film.(3 answers)

Godzilla(36 points)King Kong(31 points)Dracula(7 points)

6. Surname Something A good Film can Make you Do(3 answers)

Cry Laugh See the Again 

7. Name A City whereby A Movie car Chase never ever Be Filmed(4 answers)

New YorkVeniceLos AngelesLas Vegas

8. Name A reason For going To see A film You Weren"t Interested In(5 answers)

Someone Else Boredom Husband Wife On A Date Get out Of House 

9. Name Something people Do In A Cinema apart From clock The Film(5 answers)

Eat Drink Snog Talk Sleep 

10. Surname Something you Associate with Charlie Chaplin(5 answers)

Moustache Silent Films Funny Walk Comedy Top Hat 

11. Surname A movie Starring Tom Cruise(5 answers)

Top Gun Mission Impossible Cocktail Vanilla Sky War that The Worlds 

12. Surname Someone who Works through Animals(6 answers)

Vet Film Star Chef Lion Tamer Trainer Zoo Keeper 

13. Surname A task That involves A lot of Cutting(6 answers)

Hairdresser Butcher Lumberjack Gardening / Pruning Chef Film Director 

14. Name A Kevin Bacon Film(7 answers)

FootlooseTremorsDinerMystic RiverHollow ManApollo 13A couple of Good Men

15. Surname an occupation plenty of woman fantasize around having(7 answers)

ModelPosersFilm ActressesBallerinaMovie StarsActressStarlets

16. Surname a foreign nation whose movies are famous in America(6 answers)

BritainFranceEnglandUkGreat BritainUnited Kingdom


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Surname something that offers you goose bumps(7 answers)

FilmsScary MovieWindHorror MovieSlasher FilmsBreezeCool Breeze

18. Surname something girlfriend would intend to view at a Hollywood movie premiere(6 answers)