Due to different frequencies, i applied superposition by shorting the ideal sourceand applied voltage department rule to acquire the voltage throughout the resistance.

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Vr=3 ∠0° * 4/ (4 + 6j) = 1.666∠-56°, and Ir=Vr/R

But the price is not correct (for the right resource also). What go I perform wrong?



When you quick the right resource you end up through this circuit:


simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab

So in bespeak to obtain the voltage across the resistor you have to take right into account the 2nd inductor.

$$Vr=3∠0°*\frac$$R1||L2 means the parallel the Resistor 1 and also Inductor 2$$R1||L2 = \fracR1· j \omega L2R+ j \omega L2$$

Also you have actually to use superposition shorting the left source and then including the 2 results.


Your solution doesn"t incorporate the effect of the 1 H inductor, which remains in parallel through the resistor once you brief the right-hand source.


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