Let the two numbers be y and also x, thenxy = 192y = 192/xdy/dx = -192/x^-2 . . . (1)Sum (S) = y + 3xIf the amount is minimum, thendS/dx = dy/dx + 3 = 0dy/dx = -3From (1), -192/x^2 = -33x^2 = 192x^2 = 192/3 = 64x = sqrt(64) = 8y = 192/8 = 24The two positive numbers are 8 and also 24.

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Joni has a one garden v a diameter of 16.5. If she offers 2 teaspoons that fertilizer for every 25 square feet that garden how


17.106 Teaspoons of fertilizer

Step-by-step explanation:

Joni has actually a circular garden with a diameter the 16.5. If she supplies 2 teaspoons the fertilizer because that every 25 square feet the garden how plenty of teaspoons the fertilizer will Joni require for her whole garden?

Step 1

We calculate the area of the garden.

The garden is circular in shape.

Area of a circle = πr²

r = radius = Diameter/2

Diameter = 16.5 ft

r = 16.5/2

r = 8.25 ft

Area the the circle = π × 8.25²

Area of the circle (Garden) = 213.82464998 ft²

Approximately = 212.825ft²

Step 2

If she provides 2 teaspoons of fertilizer because that every 25 square feet the garden how countless teaspoons the fertilizer will Joni need for her whole garden?

25 ft² = 2 teaspoons that fertilizer

212.825ft² = x

Cross Multiply

25 ft² × x = 212.825ft² × 2

x = 213.825× 2/25 ft²

x = 17.106 Teaspoons the fertilizer

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lauren count 27 college student in the cafeteria the proportion of students the packed your lunch to those that bought having lunch was 4:5 just how
Nadstclairdrake.net <2.5K>
27 student is basically the sum of their ratios 4:5We can define the proportion through an arbitary change x ->4x:5xWhich is the ratio of pack to bought lunch. Therefore, 4x + 5x = 9x. 9x =27x=3The students the bought their lunch to be the 5x group, therefore 15 students purchase lunch.
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Jake thinks that a rhombus is not always a parallelogram.Is jake correct?
OverLord2011 <107>


No, a rhombus is a quadrilateral, with 4 equal-length sides and opposite political parties parallel to every other. Every rhombuses room parallelograms, yet not all parallelograms space rhombuses. The opposite interior angles the rhombuses are always congruent. A parallel is simply a 4 sided closed form where the contrary sides are parallel.

I hope this helps!

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6 months ago

What room some points to display that two polygons space not scaled duplicates of eachother?
Pepsi <2>

Del taco is your correct stclairdrake.net. Squaaaaad

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After 4,000 gallons the water were added to a huge water tank that was currently filled come 3/4 of its capacity, the tank to be then
dangina <55>

stclairdrake.net: The correct option is

(E) 80,000.

Step-by-step explanation: Given that after including 4,000 gallons of water come a large tank the was currently filled to

the its capacity, the tank to be then at
the its capacity.

We room to find the number of gallons the water the the tank organize when filled come capacity.

Let the tank can hold x gallons the water as soon as filled to capacity.

Then, according to the given information, we have


Thus, the compelled capacity of the tank is 80,000 gallons of water.

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Option (E) is CORRECT.

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