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Sarah athletic Polk was the wife of president James Polk, who offered as the 11th chairman of the united States. She was very first Lady indigenous 1845 to 1849.

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Sarah athletic Polk to be born ~ above September 4, 1803, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The daughter the Captain Joel and Elizabeth Childress, buy it was wealthy and well-educated. She to visit the Moravians’ Salem Academy in Winston-Salem, phibìc Carolina, among the couple of institutions of greater learning obtainable to ladies at the time.

James Polk had just begun his political job in the Tennessee Legislature once he met Sarah. Follow to legend, Andrew Jackson motivated James Polk to court Sarah, believing her great looks and also intellect would serve that well together a politician. The pair married ~ above January 1, 1824. James to be 28, while buy it was 20.

Sarah and also James did no have any children. Follow to records, James Polk underwent surgical treatment to eliminate a urinary bladder stone that left the sterile.

Sarah put her intellect to great use by helping she husband breakthrough his career, assisting through his speeches, copy his correspondence, and also offering advice throughout his tenure as governor of Tennessee and his countless years in Congress. When Sarah sustained her husband, she cautioned him versus overworking. As thorough in she White residence biography, James would hand her a newspaper–“Sarah, below is something ns wish you come read…”–and she would collection to occupational as well.

With her husband’s election together President in 1845, sarah Polk came to be the 11th first Lady the the united States. Contrasted to her predecessor Julia Tyler, sarah Polk’s White residence social occasions were much more sedate. A devout Presbyterian, sarah Polk supposedly banned dancing, map games, and hard liquor at official receptions. Nonetheless, she was said to it is in a lively and also charming host.

During his tenure together President, Sarah offered as his an individual secretary. She additionally continued to recommend her husband on politics matters and regularly met v member the the cabinet and also Congress ~ above his behalf.

When man Tyler left office, he and also Julia retirement to their residence at Sherwood woodland in Virginia. Julia presided over the plantAfter James Polk left office in 1849, the couple retired to their brand-new home in Nashville, Tennessee, which came to be known as “Polk Place.” James Polk was no able to gain it because that long, passing away of cholera number of months later.

Sarah Polk lived at Polk location for 42 years. Constantly wearing black, she welcomed plenty of distinguished guests right into her home, including as Abram Hewitt, Edward Cooper, man C. Calhoun II, john Catron, George Bancroft, and Presidents Rutherford B. Hayes and Grover Cleveland. Throughout the civil War, sarah Polk continued to be neutral. While she sympathized through her the Confederate cause, she hoped the Union would be preserved.

Sarah Polk passed away on respectable 14, 1891, at the age of 88. She was hidden beside she husband.

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