French infant names beginning with J - 353 names accessible with meaning. Browse every the names and also choose the perfect surname for her baby.

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JabbarPeasant, every Powerful, MightyBoy
JacalynHe that Supplants, SupplanterGirl
JacekHyacinth FlowerBoy
JacintaHyacinth Flower, violet Flower NameGirl
JacintoHyacinth FlowerBoy
JackGod is Gracious, child of JackBoy
JackelineYahweh might Protect, Holder of HeelGirl
JackelynHe who SupplantsGirl
JackiGod is GraciousBoy
JackieGod has actually been Gracious, Has presented FavorBoy
JacklinHe that SupplantsGirl
JacklynSupplanter, She that SupplantsGirl
JacksonGod is Gracious, boy of JackBoy
JaclinHe that SupplantsGirl
JaclynSupplanter, to Protect, type of JacquelineGirl
JacobSupplanter, held by the Heel, hoe GrabberBoy
JacoboSupplanter, He who SupplantsBoy
JacqueleenFeminine of JacquesGirl
JacquelinSupplanter, to Protect, One who SupplantsGirl
JacquelineSupplanter, Holder the the HeelGirl
JacquelynSupplanter, Holder the the HeelGirl
JacquelyneFeminine of JacquesGirl
JacquelynnSupplanter, Yahweh might ProtectGirl
JacquettaWho Supplants, SupplanterGirl
JacquetteWho Supplants, SupplanterGirl
JacquiSupplanter, type of JacquelineGirl
JadwigaRefuge in War, Battle, The contentious OneGirl
JaimeVariant that Jacob Supplanter, SupplanterBoy
JaimeeLove, Supplanter, Holder the the HeelGirl
JaimyHe that Supplants, comparable to JamesGirl
JakkiReplacer, SupplanterGirl
JaklynSupplanter, Holder that the HeelGirl
JakobHe that Supplants, Holder of HeelsBoy
JakobaGod might Protect, Female variation of JakohGirl
JakovHe that Supplants, SupplanterBoy

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