This season 2 episode has actually two main plot lines: The very first is Ross and Chandler being bullied through two men at central Perk (hence the title). The other is Phoebe do the decision to go meet her estranged father. 

Another point to cite is the this illustration takes place while Monica is in in between jobs, resulting in her come invest in a stock with her initials (MEG) when watching the business channel. As you may of expect of someone as thrust as Monica, she conveniently becomes obsessed and also loses all the money she invested.  

All the bullying starts at main Perk, as soon as Ross and also Chandler coincidentally sit in 2 men’s seats on the couch. The men turn the end to it is in “actual bullies”, as Ross phone call them, and one of them steals Chandler’s hat. Ross, make the efforts to it is in reasonable, tells the men to give the hat back because that is a “special hat”, citing how Chandler to buy it to cheer self up ~ above a day he was feeling down. Together you can imagine, this story go nothing to gain the hat back, and instead (if you can believe it) renders Ross and Chandler it seems to be ~ even an ext weak and wimpy 보다 before. 


Phoebe, attach by Joey and Rachel, drives out to she father’s house so she can finally meet him. However, once they acquire there they find themselves clogged from the residence by a tiny dog that Phoebe frantically explains as a “yippity piece of crap”. The step is funny no just due to the fact that of the hilarious juxtaposition in between the dog’s tininess and also its aggression, but also because also the dog has actually no interest in a questionable sandwich Joey carried along, permitting for Rachel to deliver a classic line, “Joey, the dog will lick himself however he will certainly not touch her sandwich, what does that say? 

 Back at central Perk, the a new day and also Ross and Chandler are relaxing top top the couch as soon as who walks in yet the 2 bullies from the various other day. They demand Ross and also Chandler acquire out the “their seats” i beg your pardon prompts Ross come tell on them come Gunther. The is textbook Ross Geller not understanding just how the things he says regularly reflect poorly. The bullies threaten to beat lock up, therefore Ross and also Chandler again leave the coffee house and retreat come the apartment. 

Meanwhile, Phoebe finally makes it pass the dog, just to learn that she father has actually left the home four years ago, leaving behind Phoebe’s younger brother, candid Jr. Phoebe and Frank Jr. Start talking and also decide to get together again in the future. The a touching minute for Phoebe, due to the fact that even despite Frank Jr provides off part weird vibes, the disappointment of no meeting her father is reduced by the excitement of potentially structure a connection with her small brother.  


Finally deciding to stand their ground, Ross and Chandler return to central Perk. Regardless of their cowardliness throughout the episode, it is respectable the they also went back. However, it i do not care less and also less respectable together they swallow down their coffee in a issue of seconds in a race to leave main Perk and also continue avoiding the bullies.  

Yet for sure the bullies arrive, and also the 4 men retire to the street come fight. Chandler asks if he have the right to use his watch as a weapon, which causes the 4 men to put all their keys and watches in a cap to the next so nobody can use them together weapons. Then Ross hilariously asks, “are us hitting faces?”, because he is worried around a huge presentation he has on Monday. One bully berates him however the other likes the “no confront idea”, because he too have to work the following day. So, the men establish no faces, and no hitting indigenous the waist down, (because of course one of the bully’s wives is ovulating).


As the males are about to fight, they ironically notification that two various other guys have actually stolen the cap containing your keys and watches, and also they follow after them. 

 Soon after, the 4 men return to main Perk congratulating each various other on beating those other guys up. Us soon learn that Chandler, true come form, tripped over a tiny girls jump-rope and missed the whole fight. The bullies and also Ross and Chandler realize that they are fine v each other, therefore Chandler asks because that his cap back, yet the bully states no. So then, Chandler grabs the hat and sprints for the door, however trips and also falls down.  

 There space two things that solidify this episode’s location on the list. The first is the hysterical relationship arc in between Ross, Chandler, and the 2 bullies. What starts together a enemy relationship, progressively shifts to them collaborating to create the rules for their fight (which is most likely the funniest step of the episode), to at some point teaming up versus a shared enemy.

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The other good part of this episode is Phoebe meeting her brother, as he has the potential to be the only positive familial relationship in Phoebe’s life, so the is really sweet come see.  

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