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Great Apes (大猿, Ōzaru; FUNimation "Great Ape", Viz "Great Ape"; Literally meaning "Large Monkey") space giant, monkey-like creatures that Saiyans can transform into to increase their massive strength. Initially in the series, the great Ape to be a change for boy Goku, gift a parody that the Monkey King character named Sun Wukong from the novel trip to the West. Later in the series, the good Ape is revealed to it is in a change that is only available to characters who own a Saiyan heritage.

The original Japanese surname literally equates to "great ape", "giant ape", "king ape", or "large monkey", although Toriyama shows up to be the an initial to have applied it to primates of really gigantic proportions.


In order for the change to take place, a Saiyan demands to absorb at the very least 17 million Zeno systems of Blutz tide (called "Bruits ("Fruits") Rays" in the original Japanese dub and also "Green-spectrum Radiation" in the English manga) with his eyes. Blutz waves are found only in sunlight reflected through a moon or by a planetary body. Clouds, however, can block the Blutz Waves. Thus, in order come transform, Saiyans typically stare at a planet"s full moon.

To attain the transformation, Saiyans usually require to have their natural tails quiet attached. However, the tail appears to be just a catalyst, as Vegeta, if possesed by Baby and without having a tail, was able to transform utilizing Bulma"s Blutz tide Amplifier. The tail may attain the same effect that the amplifier does: amplify the Blutz tide in a Saiyan"s human body to a level high enough to attain the transformation. A tailless Saiyan the transforms right into a great Ape profit a short-lived tail when transformed.

Vegeta once made self transform by creating a "fake moon" the energy dubbed a strength Ball, which reflect the requisite lot of Blutz Waves. In the Dragon round Z film The Tree of Might, Turles did the exact same thing to provoke a change in kid Gohan. Follow to Turles, the power Ball"s residual result would store Gohan (and any other transformed Saiyan) in their an excellent Ape form for a minimal amount of time also if the Power ball is ruined (which Turles did).

If a natural source of Blutz tide (a full moon or planet) is destroyed, or the tail the a good Ape is amputated, this would cause the Saiyan to instantly transform ago to their humanoid form.


Bardock and also his team, transformed under Kanassa"s moon, start their attack. Fasha is top top the left, when Tora is on the right.

A great Ape"s fight power is equal to the Saiyan"s battle power prior to the change but multiply by ten. The color for the good Ape"s hair is generally brown and their eyes room red. Saiyans in an excellent Ape form can also shoot an energy beam from their mouth in a manner akin to (and perhaps an intended mimicry of) Godzilla"s nuclear breath.

A Saiyan loser the capacity to reason in this form and will generally display berserk and also destructive characteristics, even in the instances of the series" protagonists. They still seem to maintain some feeling of friend and foe deep within their subconscious, however, which deserve to be awoken as has actually been demonstrated 3 times: very first in the Vegeta Saga when Son Goku was able to tell good Ape boy Gohan to assault Vegeta; 2nd in Dragon round Z: The Tree of might with a comparable situation versus Turles; and third in the baby Saga as soon as Goku known his family. Vegeta has presented that details Saiyans of "Elite" status deserve to learn to control their good Ape forms, also being able to speak if transformed.

As the revolution causes the Saiyan to flourish to several times their initial size, the Saiyans wear unique armor which can stretch come fit the an excellent Ape form and shrink ago to fit their normal kind (regular clothing are merely ripped apart). The revolution is likewise quite exhausting, as Goku and also Gohan both pass the end after all of them. Trained Saiyans such as Vegeta can go earlier to your original forms exhausted, yet not to the suggest of shedding consciousness.

A great Ape"s dimension remains mostly inconsistent transparent the Dragon sphere anime and also manga. A generalization is the most mean humanoid Saiyans can almost fit into the palm that a great Ape"s hand. Good Ape"s obvious size varied from around 50 feet tall to virtually 100. As far as Goku"s an initial (shown) revolution goes, he is much larger in the anime than he is in the manga. In the Budokai Tenkaichi video clip game series, the an excellent Ape"s dimension was significantly cut under to most likely 25-30 feet tall, however they are still the largest characters in the game.


Dragon Ball


Goku transforms again during the 21st Martial art Tournament as soon as his tail grow back, and once again the change saves him from being defeated. Although Yamcha is prepared to try and reduced his tail off again, master Roshi comes up with a an ext permanent solution and uses a Kamehameha to destroy the moon. Interestingly, son ogong recovers native this de-transformation and also is mindful again prior to the (delayed) 10 count finishes.

Dragon ball Z

Great Ape Vegeta
A Saiyan transforming into a an excellent Ape.
We see Gohan transform because that the an initial time as soon as he"s the end in the wild. When again the revolution proves to be beneficial in a method as it gets Gohan under from a high peak he to be stuck on. Piccolo then destroys the moon and then clears Gohan"s tail. The strength Piccolo witnessed Gohan display in his transformed state led to him to become frightened by the idea the how strong Nappa and also Vegeta would be in the state.In the anime only, Gohan"s tail grew back again, coincidentally during a time as soon as Goku"s an are pod began projecting an image of the complete moon in the night sky. Piccolo do the efforts his finest to avoid him, however is unable to match the good Ape Gohan. He eventually finds the source of the moonlight and destroys it, reverting Gohan back to normal. That then clears Gohan"s tail once again. Number of Homages come Goku"s second revolution occur here, including Gohan transforming while gift hit v an electric attack.During the exact same battle, Gohan"s tail grew earlier and he used the Power sphere still in the sky to transform. When Vegeta was able to initially get away from Gohan as result of his unfocused rage, goku was maybe to help Gohan emphasis on fighting versus Vegeta. Vegeta did surprisingly well against the beast, however was ultimately outmatched. He regulated to cut Gohan"s tail off through an power disk, however then Gohan fell on him as he changed back, which, combination with all of the other injuries, compelled him to retreat.While technically no an appearance of a great Ape every se, Kuririn when commented ~ above Future Trunks"s Ultra supervisor Saiyan form being comparable to the an excellent Ape (even speak to him after Trunks speak him to obtain his father to a safe spot no to fear him v that because "as far as he knew, Trunks was around to go an excellent Ape on him". Ironically, one actual good Ape appeared in a montage called by Krillin stating his awe in ~ the Saiyans" evolving powers.

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Remembering what the Bruits wave machine did for infant Vegeta, Bulma deduces the it can be provided to assist Vegeta with Super Saiyan 4. The machine transforms Vegeta into a regular great Ape and also while he shows the standard rage intended from a great Ape (he reportedly was just having actually some fun) and also promptly transforms right into a gold Great Ape; and also then a at sight Saiyan 4.