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It’s the same for dating most of the time. Gaining a guy’s number is a good feeling, but you may be left wondering: currently what?

Of course, you’re walking to text him, however what carry out you say?

We’ll dive right into this topic because that you. In this guide, we’ll offer you some options for what to message a man after trading numbers.

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Let’s begin with Some simple Questions

How soon need to you text him after acquiring his number?

One the the first things you might be questioning is just how long you’ll must wait after gaining his number to message him.

It would certainly be a failure to text him too soon. You will do it come off as as well eager to acquire a hold of the again.

But in ~ the exact same time, you don’t desire to wait because that a long period, since you’ll show up uninterested. He may even forget he provided you his number if yes sir too long a time between when he offered you his number and when you ultimately texted him.

The trick right here is recognize the very first text sweet spot.

Our suggestion is to not message him soon after you’ve acquired his number, however text him within an hour or two. You will do it still be fresh on his mind then.

You nothing necessarily need to strike up a conversation in ~ that allude – just let him recognize it’s you so he deserve to save your information to his phone if he hasn’t already.

What should you avoid doing in the beginning?


With your an initial text blog post to him, you’re probably likewise wondering what girlfriend shouldn’t do. This is a quite valid inquiry to ask, due to the fact that the dorn things can send him running for the hills.

Avoid making your very an initial text blog post too sweet. You can want to gush to him around how handsome that is, or how excited you room to be text massage him, however we recommend maintaining that first text a little cooler than that.

You won’t show up so quickly won that way, and also he’ll gain to have actually a small fun chasing you.

Don’t send him a string of texts in a heat in the beginning. You only gain one chance to make a very first impression in text.

Texting him number of times in a heat is walk to present him that you’re clingy, or the you need an immediate answer. Needless come say, neither of those things provides your very first impression a an excellent one.

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What to message a guy After trading Numbers

Give the a straightforward introductory text.

Sending him a no-frills, “Hey, it’s me, *your name*” kind of text isn’t incredibly original. Yet sometimes you don’t really need more than the basics.

Going with a text prefer this is pretty safe and also risk-free. Friend don’t do a joke that might potentially miss out on the mark, you don’t send that an overly flirtatious post that seems choose too much, and you don’t do him uncomfortable.

An obvious drawback to this approach, though, is that it’s clearly a tiny on the uninteresting side. If you’re searching for a way to do a grand entrance, this isn’t it.

Example: “Hey, the me, *your name.* from *wherever you met*.”

Make a splash in his contacts list with a dash the humor.


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Making that really, deeply belly laugh is one method to pole in his mind for years to come. Prevent that, do him laugh will perform nicely, too.

A humorous an initial text from friend is great for dazzling him through your humor from the get-go. If the humor lands well, you’ll have actually started turn off making the grin, which is never a poor thing.

He’ll view you as a fun, lively woman the won’t take it him on any kind of yawn-inducing dates.

So just just how do you begin off with a joke?

We suggest referencing something you recognize he’s interested in favor sports or games. You can even express how/where friend met.

Examples: “It’s *your name,* from the game. I guess ns really knocked it the end of the park by gaining your number, huh?” or “It’s me. Therefore we need to we begin coming up v a lie around how we met to tell our parents?” (You could use this one if friend met on an app and also you’re unpleasant to recognize it, for example.)

Have that guess that you are.

Think you might have a real player on your hands?

You can test your suspicions out by making him guess that you are as soon as you an initial text him. You will do it look like you’re just being playful, however you’ll have the ability to see if he’s actually able come guess.

If he’s been gaining a most numbers recently or providing out his number favor candy, he could struggle to remember you. ~ above the other hand, if that remembers you best away, you’re probably golden.

Example: "I’ll give you three chances to guess who it is. ;)"

Worried about having to compete with various other women? through the ideal texting strategies, you have the right to ensure you the one who’s always on his mind.

We turn to partnership coach Amy North’s text Chemistry course when we’re looking to combine our text massage game. She can help you do the exact same thing, therefore that any type of competition you can have is nothing yet a far-off memory for him…if he ever before thinks around anyone else at all.

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Continue her last conversation.

Was your last talk interrupted through you exchanging numbers, whether it to be on an application or in person?

When all else fails, you have the right to just message his number choose up the conversation right where you left off. This works very well if it was a conversation you to be both really invested in, and you’re interested in hearing more.

Throw in something around your name so he knows that it is if that doesn’t have your call number already, simply to it is in on the for sure side.

Example: “This is *your name.* about what friend said regarding the finish of video game of Thrones….why execute you hate it so much?”

Begin v a random conversation starter.

While this approach could be a small risky, the your finest option as soon as you don’t want to bore him and you desire to to speak something that’s a bit an ext than basic.

Throw that a text with any type of ice breaker or question. If you not certain what to text him, you could shot looking v our overview to things to text a guy around topics.

We strongly recommend going through a question here, though. You’ll rise the chances of the answering, simply since questions are simpler to answers to.

Additionally, asking him a question tells the you’re interested in him and also what that thinks.

Examples: “If you can have any kind of super power, what would it be and why?”

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Ask him out for a date!


You’ve currently exchanged numbers, for this reason there’s plainly some interest in between you. Why not take this chance to view him therefore you deserve to confirm what sort of chemistry you had?

This is specifically important if girlfriend met that in human being somewhere and also you need time v him one-on-one. If girlfriend met in an app, you might not feel together comfortable questioning him out on a day right away yet, and also that’s okay, too.

However, if you space feeling comfortable with it, you’ll surprise him through a refresh go-getter perspective by asking him on a date.

Example: “Hi, it’s *your name.* I had actually such a good time talk to girlfriend the various other night. How about we go out for a coffee and pick up wherein we left off?”

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If You prefer Him, Make certain You begin Off top top the right Foot

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Everyone messages now. Due to the fact that so lot of our interaction is brought out by message message, you’ll should make certain you’re a strong texter, otherwise you’ll easily get left in the dust.

You never ever really realize how high the stakes are or how an important your texting capability is till you have something necessary on the heat – like a budding relationship. In this sort of situation, it’s also more an essential that friend know exactly how to interact well through text.

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If she not an extremely confident in your texting ability, you have the right to improve it. There room people and places you have the right to turn to in bespeak to aid you learn just how to sweep him turn off his feet by text.

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Our an individual favorite is the message Chemistry program, i beg your pardon was composed by partnership coach Amy North. This specific course has actually helped countless women seal the transaction after increase their texting game.