Here room two quickest means to obtain a many lumber in Harvest Moon: Hero of sheet Valley there is no cheats!

Where deserve to I get lumber in Harvest Moon: Hero of leaf Valley? that is a concern that players regularly ask when an initial playing this game. Yes, i often find such questions in many forums.

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You probably currently know that wood is supplied to upgrade structures on her farm, especially your house. So, that is very important to get lots of lumber.


Therefore, in this article, I will explain clearly how to quickly get countless lumber in HM: HoLV.

Easy means to obtain Lumber in Harvest Moon: Hero of leaf Valley

Here space the two fastest ways to acquire lots of lumber:

1. Do the Part-time task on Woody"s CarpentryOpen: 9 am to 2 PMClosed ~ above Tuesdays, Thursdays, and also rainy days.

Go come Woody"s Carpentry and talk come Woody. Later, you will be teleported come a ar where friend can cut trees utilizing an Axe.

The an initial time friend work, you will certainly not get any kind of lumber because the timber you gain will be given to Woody. As a replacement, he will only offer you money together a wage.

But as soon as you"ve work 5thtimes, that will permit you to pick up the lumbers you get to upgrade your house. So when you work sixth times to cut the tree, girlfriend can obtain lumber.

Keep in mind that Woody go not allow you to reduced trees every day. Because that example, after ~ you job-related today, you have to wait a minimum the 3 job to cut down the tree again.

Tips:the trees will get bigger and produce more lumber if friend wait longer, eg, 5 days instead of 3 days. Though you"ll require several an ext cuts (like 5 times rather of 3).

Secret: If you give Woody a gold egg, he will take you to his an enig spot for timber farming!

You additionally have to carry food that have the right to restore your energy, such as honey and herbal drinks. This is important since every time you cut a tree, your stamina will continue to decrease rapidly.

Especially if your stamina is quiet short because you have actually not obtained the strength Berry to rise it.

2. The horse Race Betting (Fastest Way)

Each season, other than Winter, there will certainly be a horse race in leaf Valley. In the horse racing event, you deserve to do horse racing bets. Use your money come buy some medals because that betting.

Click the triangle button to buy medals in ~ the store in the race area. If the guy from the race asks you to choose a bet and then it will present how plenty of medals girlfriend would choose to buy. 1 medal expenses 50 G.

Here, you have to guess which rider will certainly win the race. If you win, you will certainly get countless medals that are multiplied by the ODDS that the equine racer. The medals you earn from bets have the right to be redeemed with lumber, 2 medals for 1 lumber.

So if you have 900 medals, you have the right to trade it for 450 lumbers! through this, girlfriend don"t need to work anymore to cut down trees in Woody"s logging area.

Even so, this method is quite risky. If friend lose, you will certainly waste all her money. Couple of tips, I discover that smaller ODDS racers will frequently win 보다 the higher ones.

For example, a racer who has actually 10 ODDS will often finish on 3 or 4 positions. Yet it"s not constantly like that, so please try it yourself.

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That"s exactly how to acquire Lumber in Harvest Moon: Hero of leaf Valley. I hope this short article can be helpful for girlfriend who need it.