A Tiktok video of a woman has gone viral because she admits that her boyfriend who pays the rent for both of them doesn’t know that she actually owns the property they live in.

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In other words, she is the landlord and his money goes directly to her. The clip posted by
jaynedoee0 now has over a million views with over 3000 comments of TikTokers who found the concept fascinating.

She tells the story using the ‘HaHA” sound effect and using text on the video itself. She shared that they have been living at their home for 1 year now, and he pays all major bills including rent.

Then she continues little, does he know that I’ve owned this place for five years now and all of his direct deposits go straight to me.


The comments on the video were mixed, some saying she was so wrong, saying ‘poor guy’. Others saying commentors are just mad because they didn’t think of it first, calling her action a ‘boss move’.

Others making the point that she isn’t actually pocketing the money because it has to be used to pay the mortgage and insurance anyway.

One commentor said, “It’s an investment ad security for you if the relationship ends. You are being compensated for your time and effort sis”.

What do you all think, is this a flex? Would he have paid the mortgage anyway if she told him the truth? Comment below!

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