You love her Honda Odyssey, other than for best now, because the door i will not ~ close. While typically the door slides flawlessly shut, it’s not doing therefore anymore. This has actually put friend in a bit of a pickle because now her door is stuck wide open. How do friend close it? What should you do?

If you have actually a Honda Odyssey produced in between 1999 and also 2011, friend should shot one that the door manage buttons. If that doesn’t work, you need to replace the rubber bumper between the door and also the rail. If her Odyssey is more recent than 2011 and also the sliding door won’t close, examine the toggle switch. Periodically it deserve to disable various other buttons essential to nearby your automobile doors.

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Want more details on what come do once your Honda Odyssey sliding doors get stuck? keep reading! Not just will we fancy on the over fixes, but we’ll comment on other typical door worries Odyssey owners might go through. These encompass the door closeup of the door then opening again, the door no closing entirely, or trouble through the door latch. Friend won’t want to miss it.

The Honda Odyssey Door won’t Close – What to Do

Sliding doors are a Honda Odyssey staple. As soon as they work well, they’re a convenient feature to have. As quickly as they obtain stuck, specifically when open, you could start wishing your automobile had an ext traditional doors.

Don’t fret too much, as most of the time, a Honda Odyssey door the won’t close is a straightforward enough fix. Friend don’t even necessarily have to take the vehicle into a mechanic’s, either.

Depending top top the period of her vehicle, the way we’ll go about troubleshooting is a small different.

Odysseys Produced in between 1999 and also 2011

If her Odyssey is from 1999 to 2011, climate there have the right to be two concerns that reason the sliding door to stay open.

The first of these is super basic to check. You want to get inside her vehicle, frequently in the second row of seats. You should spot an inside handle near the doors on either side. This is right by wherein the seatbelts room for most Odysseys developed in the over timeframe.

Try pulling top top the handle. This might work, and also if so, difficulty solved. More than most likely though, it won’t do anything. That’s okay.

Your next troubleshooting method is simple as well. You desire to discover the sliding door buttons on the former driver’s next dashboard. Make certain you’re pushing the rear door buttons if the ago doors are stuck and the former door buttons if the the driver’s or passenger’s doors. If the door closes, then great!

Sometimes also pressing the slide door buttons don’t help. If you uncover yourself in that predicament, you still have actually one an ext trick up her sleeve. You want to walk to the influenced door and also take a look at the opening near the height of the door. There have to be a rubber bumper there that goes in between the rail and the door.

Don’t check out one? That’s not uncommon. In countless Odysseys, the rubber bumper will end up being dry v time, then brittle. The bumper then ends increase falling ideal off, often without girlfriend noticing. The only as soon as your sliding door i will not ~ close that you establish there’s a problem.

Replacing her rubber bumper is inexpensive and something you can do yourself at home. This is a rubber bumper replacement on Amazon directly from Honda. The fits any type of Odyssey produced between 1999 and also 2004.


Click below to purchase this product ~ above Amazon.

With your bumper replacement in tow, open up your slide door partway utilizing the driver’s regulate button. Take her bumper and position that so the hook edge is encountering the rail. The bumper need to slide appropriate in. Try your door and also you need to be able to accessibility it via her door handle.

Odysseys produced After 2011

What if you have actually a newer Honda Odyssey? You might use the slide door buttons in the automobile to try to nearby the door. The vehicle might also respond, beeping at you. However, the door simply sits there, no closing. What gives?

Get in your vehicle on the driver’s side. Look approximately the steering wheel for a toggle switch. The by the steering wheel button. The switch can move under or up. If the switch is driven down, the can instantly prevent her door-opening buttons native working.

All you need to do is push the toggle switch ago up. That have to solve the difficulty with no have to see a mechanic and also spend a lot of money.

Other difficulties with the Honda Odyssey slide Doors (and just how to settle Them)

Okay, what if her Odyssey’s sliding doors close just fine…well, for the many part, yet you’re still having other issues? it happens, and a many these difficulties can be remedied easily. Here are several of our height troubleshooting measures to monitor for her Honda Odyssey.

The sliding Door Closes climate Opens

The first problem that may be afflicting your Odyssey is the door closes all the way, climate opens ago up. It’s never ever by much, maybe about 1/4th an inch, possibly more. Still, friend don’t feel comfortable leaving her door this way, due to the fact that technically the unlocked, and anyone can gain into it. Her door might keep beeping, and also you might also an alert your dashboard displays the “door open” light depending on your Odyssey model.

Here’s what we recommend. First, you desire to power under the understand switch ~ above the dashboard. Next, you desire to open up all her doors, doing so manually. Examine the door pillars and the door contacts, cleaning these with rubbing alcohol.

Look in ~ the door button roughly the back, i m sorry should have actually rubber components. If these room misplaced, push them back where they need to be. Friend may even have to get new rubber parts. Currently you desire to rotate the grasp switch on, leaving the door somewhat ajar. With the dashboard closing switch activated, shot seeing if your door continues to be closed. If not, it might be a fuse issue, in which case you need to see a mechanic.

The sliding Door i will not ~ Close all the Way

You great you can even gain your Odyssey door closed, however you can’t. If the door gets almost all the method closed however something’s keeping it from closing completely, friend can try the strategies we outlined earlier in this article.

If none of those work, do a manual reset. You have to disconnect the automobile battery first. Then, press the doors closed. Take your an unfavorable battery terminal and attach the back, climate the confident one. This resets the battery.

Go come the driver’s side and also turn her Odyssey on. Find the toggle switch and also make certain it’s turn off for a moment. Climate you deserve to push that so it’s earlier on. This is the exact same switch by the steering wheel tower we talked around earlier.

Now discover the strength sliding door buttons, of i m sorry there have to be two. Press on these and also hold the pressure as the Odyssey’s doors close. The doors can not budge, in which situation you have to reset the move and shot again. The doors should close totally from then.

The hand-operated Sliding Door won’t Latch

Your Odyssey’s hand-operated sliding door has a latch that’s currently malfunctioned. There are two causes for this: the fuse demands to it is in reset or the sensors have to be cleaned. Both are tasks your mechanic can take care of, for this reason you might want to carry your vehicle in.

If you do want to walk the DIY route, climate you’re in search of the 13th fuse in her passenger side fuse box. Top top the optimal row, this have to be the fourth fuse. The fuse may say “clock reset,” however it counts on the Odyssey model. As soon as you disconnect the fuse for approximately 30 seconds and also then placed it ago in, the resets it.

As for the sensors, these are situated on both the door and the human body of your Odyssey, although again it deserve to depend on the model. Some Odyssey owners have reported that also if they cleaned the sensors, lock couldn’t acquire their latch come work, but a mechanic could. It is something to save in mind as you proceed.

The Door Latch Is Stuck

Here’s another issue that can influence your Odyssey’s door latch: the latch chin is stuck!

A driver can assist you open up a grounding latch, but it’s much better to change the closer engine assembly. This component has a motor and also a fresh latch. A trip to the mechanic may likewise be in order.

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Did you gain that door closeup of the door by now?

The Honda Odyssey is a dependable vehicle that has good features like sliding doors. As soon as your doors fail, it can be because of a straightforward reason, such as a switch collection in the wrong position or a piece of rubber fallout’s off.

Other issues with the door, such together it obtaining partially stuck or the latches no working might require more advanced troubleshooting, consisting of resetting fuses and batteries. If any fix for her Odyssey is outside of your comfort zone, always know you deserve to go to a mechanic. Good luck!