This Maine cottage's clever layout, kind storage and hosting abilities present that downsizing doesn't need to mean doing without

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With every one of their youngsters grown and also out the the house, a retired couple realized they wouldn"t need much space for your part-time home in Wells, Maine. However even despite they choose to build a 630-square-foot cottage, they didn"t desire to feel crammed right into their downsized space. "Just due to the fact that a house is tiny doesn"t median it needs to look like a dollhouse," says new Hampshire designer Renee Carman. Rather of using miniature furniture to fit the cottage"s small scale, Carman went with a clever layout, an easy pieces, clean lines and bright color to include functional flavor to the home. Many of natural light and nature-inspired accents and also textiles lug the pristine Maine surroundings at a GlanceWho lives here: A retired pair who lives here part-timeLocation: Wells, MaineSize: 630 square feet; 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroomPhotography through Nat Rea
Although the couple didn"t need a ton the space, they want room to entertain tiny groups the family and friends. "I want them to recognize that lock weren"t sacrificing by downsizing," states Carman. Return the great room is small, Carman made the multifunctional, v an open floor plan and plenty the seating. Wall paint: Believable Buff, Sherwin-Williams
Nestling the kitchen sink in this edge left plenty of counter space for prep and a small peninsula-like surface for offer food. The tall top cabinetry gives plenty that storage yet doesn"t with up so high that the pair couldn"t use the room at the top.Countertops: Corian; cabinetry: Schrock; stove, oven, microwave: GE; sink: Moen
The couple wanted their brand-new home to encourage more quality time with each other (note the absence of a television). Yet it likewise gives them an are for spreading out and also being apart. This cozy living room is collection between the kitchen, dining area and guest bedroom, therefore the couple can do activities together or independently within the great room. Sofa: Rowe; rug: Surya; next table: Roost; table lamp: HomeGoods; pillows: custom v Duralee fabric; lacquer side table: West Elm
A hint of bold purple in the guest room works with with the artwork and accessories in the living room. "I usually aim for a bolder shade palette, specifically with Maine"s cold, dark winters," says Carman. Carman chose the guest room for she bold speed of color, since it deserve to be closeup of the door off, and also employed neutral hues in the more frequently used good room.
The lush Maine scenery external inspired plenty of of the fixtures and also finishes inside. Open up rooms, vaulted ceilings, big windows and glass doors save the interior airy and also invite the outdoors in there is no sacrificing power efficiency. Dining table, chairs: Martha"s Vineyard Furniture Company; clock, recycle dog: Roost
Bunkbeds — one double, one twin — accommodate the couple"s children and also grandchildren as soon as they visit.
Nine-foot ceilings make the rooms feeling slightly larger. Every room additionally has a deep, oversize closet (not pictured) and also storage in and under most of the furniture. Wall paint: forward Fuchsia, Sherwin-Williams; bunk beds: Bunk Bed King; bedding, nightstand: Target; carpet tiles: Flor
The master bedroom reads together a revolt of color, too, yet in green and also blue tones that highlight the herbal view outside. Wall paint: Melange Green, Sherwin-Williams; headboard: custom, Martha"s Vineyard Furniture Company; next table, table lamp: Roost; bedding: Target
The home"s floor setup is separation into two distinct areas: the 470-square-foot great room and also bedrooms, and also a 160-square-foot porch and sunroom. In the winter the couple can close off the doors to the porch and sunroom, and use simply the good room and also bedrooms, to conserve money top top heating and electricity.

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But in the summer, these indoor-outdoor spaces suit the warmth weather perfectly and provide extra an are for hosting guests. Wall surface paint: Texas Leather, Benjamin Moore; rug: Surya; rocker: West Elm; sofa, ottoman: pottery Barn; mirror: HomeGoods design team:Designer: Mandeville Canyon DesignProject partner: Stephanie MorrisonBuilder: Seaglass DevelopersMore:
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