There are two execution of Jack Twist’s death in “Brokeback Mountain.” according to Jack’s wife, he was addressing a level on his truck and also the tire go out up. The in salt hit that in his face, knocked him unconscious, and he drown in his own blood. Ennis, though, thinks Jack was eliminated by a tire iron. He think homophobic world murdered him, which is what occurred to Earl.

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There room two execution of Jack Twist’s fatality in Annie Proulx"s short story "Brokeback Mountain."

One version—the variation espoused by Jack’s wife Lureen—has Jack dying while solving a level tire ~ above his truck. Supposedly, Jack had gotten a level tire on an isolated, remote ago road. The...

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There room two version of Jack Twist’s death in Annie Proulx"s quick story "Brokeback Mountain."

One version—the variation espoused by Jack’s wife Lureen—has Jack dying while resolving a flat tire top top his truck. Supposedly, Jack had gained a flat tire on an isolated, remote earlier road. The tire bead was badly damaged. The jeopardized tire bead make the tire blow up. The pickled in salt of the tire “slammed” into Jack’s face, breaking his jaw and his nose. The explosion likewise left that unconscious. When someone ultimately came along and discovered him, the had already drowned in his own blood.

Ennis del Mar, however, trust Jack passed away a various way. Remember, earlier in the story, Ennis tells Jack the story around two masculine ranchers that lived together. The ranchers’ names were Earl and Rich. Ennis states Earl wound increase dead in a ditch. According to Ennis, Earl to be tortured and beaten to fatality with a tire iron. Ennis’ homophobic dad confirmed him the body. Ennis even speculates the his dad might have been the one that did it.

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When Lureen tells Ennis about Jack’s death and the freak tires explosion, Ennis is more than a little skeptical. “No,” he thinks, “they got him through a tires iron.”

Yet a little while later, Ennis isn’t so sure. That goes ago and forth in between thinking the the tires accident and thinking that the tires ion. Near the end, after ~ speaking v Jack’s dad about Jack’s plans, Ennis becomes convinced that the tire iron is the real cause of Jack’s death.