Orochimaru gained his hands sealed when he to be fighting against Hiruzen Sarutobi. He got his hands earlier much later during the war. Yet when he was fighting 4 tails Naruto in ~ the beginning of Shippuden, he summoned three Rashomon. At that time he still didn"t have actually his hands, so exactly how did he control to perform that?



After Hiruzen offered the Reaper fatality Seal, Orochimaru arms to be immobilized and also was unable to do anything v them (ie, execute justu). As a result, Orochimaru was required to uncover a new host for his soul due to his current host"s problem progressively gained worse.

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Transferring his soul into a brand-new host cured the physical ailments of Orochimaru"s conditions. While his heart was tho damaged spiritually, he might at the very least perform justus the did not require hand seals.

Though the act undid most of the damages caused by the Dead Demon spend Seal, that still left Orochimaru incapable of using approaches requiring hand seals.

(emphasis my own)

Summoning justu walk not require hand seals. Instead, summoning just requires a blood sacrifice and also summoning seal.

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