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So how did the Dursleys gain off the small island in publication 1?


Mystery solved!

HP - secret of the Dursleys through aedua.

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all the bother potter books from hagrid’s perspective

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idea for a far better harry potter epilogue: hagrid is acquisition a stroll in the forbidden forest, long after the last battle. In the distance, he sees a glint ~ above the forest floor. Curious, he walks in the direction of it and picks up what appears to it is in an oddly shaped rock. Once he looks up from assessing it, the photo of a quick wizard is standing before him. He is smiling.


before hagrid even met harry (and prior to he knew how destructive harry’s life through the dursleys in reality was) he small him a cake to celebrate his birthday

rubeus hagrid for best father number 2k16


for this reason the thing is in the really book collection JK Rowling never ever said what residence Hagrid was in. We uncover out the Hagrid actually saw Hogwarts together a student really in the second book–when we see Tom Riddle, the Slytherin prefect face Hagrid in his own dorm room, and also the two appeared pretty acquainted with every other.

Hagrid to be expelled as a 3rd year. He was born in 1928, and Riddle was born 1926. For this reason Riddle was a fifth year prefect,

Hagrid doesn’t seem favor he was particularly good at any type of branch the magic various other than treatment of wonder Creatures, so how would the two know each other? Hagrid is 2 year younger 보다 Tom, so just how would they have actually known each other well enough for Hagrid to speak to him ‘Tom,’ no Riddle?

Now, the prefects are some of the only civilization the oblivious harry Potter establish from various other Houses, various other than Quidditch players. And yet we’ve never heard about prefects from other houses coming in to self-control Gryffindor students. Hell we’ve never ever heard around people native other houses in the Gryffindor usual room period. You yes, really think the Tom Riddle would understand enough about a 3rd year Gryffindor nobody, someone who isn’t also his year?

Not come mention this is when the chamber of tricks is open, a girl was killed. You think Gryffindor is going to let a an effective Slytherin traipse about their tower, as soon as tensions room running high after being terrified all year? No.

But you know what’s much much more plausible? Hagrid to be a Slytherin.

Whereas the wouldn’t make any sense to be friends with a young Gryiffindor, young Slytherins space Tom’s responsibility. Tom knowing, and being may be to accessibility a third year Slytherin’s dormitory–how the knew Hagrid well enough to know around Arigog, and also where he’s kept– makes much more sense. Not to point out they are searching for the heir of Slytherin. Assumption: v what note hint they’re probably looking at a Slytherin to be accountable because that Myrtle’s murder. No a Gryffindor.

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The just reason suspicion fell on harry was because he could literally speak to snakes, and also people that didn’t understand enough about what happened in the previous made the evident leap “Slytherin’s monster=Snake; harry have the right to talk to snakes=Harry’s the heritage of Slytherin.”

And damn, it provides sense the Hagrid’s a Slytherin. If there’s anyone who’s a true friend to harry it’s Hagrid, the man who tried come make sure Harry had whatever he ever before needed (I still acquire emotional thinking around Hagrid making the scrapbook for Harry.
Dumbledore maybe Harry wouldn’t have been for this reason enraptured by the winter of Erised if the actually had a damn picture of his parents).

And it renders perfect feeling for Hagrid to it is in prejudiced against Slytherin. These space the civilization who threw that away, who got him kicked the end of Hogwarts, that would have taken away his residence if Dumbledore hadn’t permitted him to continue to be on as groundskeeper. And yeah don’t gain me wrong Hagrid definitely has morals yet he’s favor the meaning of Slytherin loyalty, he’d perform anything because that the human being he cares about. Just think of him hiding Gawp in the Forbidden Forrest. It’s no safe or wise or brave, he keeps that knowledge from even Dumbledore (Dumbledore, that he to trust in not since of his ideals or what he stands for but because he is Dumbledore, who Hagrid is loyal to).

But this is his brother, that is going to acquire hurt if he remains with the various other giants. Think of how Hagrid loves Harry–now, think the Narcissa Malfoy, ready to do anything if it intended the possibility her child was alive, even defy Voldemort and go against what her household had to be working in the direction of for decades. Hagrid is together a Slytherin parent.

tl;dr sure, JKR might have post on her twitter or Pottermore that Hagrid to be a Gryffindor, yet writing is around showing, no telling. And she might have told united state that he’s Gryffindor, however she’s verified us he’s Slytherin