What is Quinoa?

Quinoa is a seed through a high nutritional value. Its scientific name is Chenopodium Quinoa and also it is also known in some countries as quinua. That is a cereal that is get an impressive in the Andes mountain range and its key producers are Ecuador, Peru and also Bolivia.

The seed that are consumed, come native an annual herbaceous plant that reaches 1 to 3 meters high, has wide leaves and also a branched stems with little flowers that lack petals.

It is a indigenous plant of every the countries of the Andean an ar and it deserve to be discovered in Chile, Colombia and in the phibìc of Argentina, return they room not large-scale creating countries.

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Currently, it deserve to be found in roughly 70 countries, although all of them with a low production compared to the undisputed leaders of the sector that room Peru and Ecuador, due to the fact that they concentrate 92% of people production.

Known as the “mother grain” the the Incan Empire, quinoa has been an indispensable food for an ext than 7.000 year within pre-Columbian cultures.

Quinoa has adjusted to the high plains of the Andean Altiplano (>3,500 m over sea level), where it has arisen tolerance to several abiotic stresses.

This superfood, has acquired international attention due to the fact that of the nutritional worth of its seeds, which room gluten-free, have a low glycemic index, and also contain fantastic balance of important amino acids, fibre, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and also minerals.

Chenopodium Quinoa has the potential to administer a extremely nutritious food source that have the right to be grown on marginal lands no currently suitable for other major crops. This potential was recognized when the united Nations asserted 2013 together the global Year the Quinoa, this being among only three times a plant has received together a designation.

At a nutritional level, quinoa has actually an virtually perfect balance in between fats, proteins and carbohydrates. 16% of each grain is protein, although follow to the selection it deserve to reach approximately 23%, which is much an ext than double the amount of protein included in any type of other cereal.


White Quinoa

It is the finest known and also commercialized. This seed has actually a bitter residue that protects it naturally from the insects attack, so it should be washed really well prior to preparing it. Its ready is equal to that of rice and accepts countless forms of being seasoned, because it absorbs the flavors that are included to it, therefore you can experiment in many ways through it and prepare various dishes.

Its smell is subtle, very similar to the of nuts, it has only 160 calories per quarter cup. White quinoa has a high content of fiber, therefore it is excellent to enhance digestive device health, strengthen the musculature and also regenerate tissues. This variety is likewise the one with the shortest amount that carbohydrates, however being the wealthiest in minerals and also vitamins.

Red Quinoa

Unlike white quinoa, red has a slightly more earthy flavor and also its grains preserve a crispy consistency as soon as cooked, which provides it firmer. For this reason, the is usually provided to make vegan meatballs and hamburgers, and to provide texture to different varieties that salads.


What is the ideal of this?

These vital molecules have displayed anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anticancer and also antidepressant effects, at the very least in pet studies. Consisting of quinoa in the diet significantly increases the full intake the these and other nutrients.


Benefits for health and wellness when consuming Quinoa 

Quinoa is a superfood you can not miss out on on the purchase list. Not just for its delicious taste, but also for the multiple benefits for the organism and also our health.

It offer to shed weight while eating healthy

Quinoa can assist us lose weight as result of its high concentration that proteins and fiber and also its short glycemic index. This provides it really recommended for world with diabetes.

It has actually a high fiber contents that acts as a purifier of the organism, permitting the remove of toxins and residues qualified of damaging the organism. Many thanks to fiber, the generates a feeling of satiety the diminishes cravings because that eating, i m sorry contributes to civilization not spend excess food and also can lose weight in a natural way, without a strictly diet the eliminates important nutrients.

6% of each grain is fiber, this favors the to work of the intestines, helps to shed weight and reduce measures in the abdomen area. If it is add by an exercise routine and a healthy and also balanced diet, we will have even much better results in a shorter period of time.

Controls the levels of cholesterol in the blood

Its high contents of fiber and also unsaturated lipids help to regulate the levels of poor cholesterol in the blood and also this is specifically beneficial due to the fact that it permits to improve cardiovascular health, avoiding problems that blood circulation, arterial and also blood pressure.

The useful effect versus hypercholesterolemia, is as result of its chemistry composition, due to the fact that it has actually an enough level of linoleic mountain that permits the organism to eliminate the saturated lipids of the blood, causing the palliation of triglycerides and cholesterol, likewise favoring the line of the insulin, for which it represents an help for diabetics in their process of glycemia control.

It is a an effective antioxidant

As mentioned earlier, quinoa has a huge number the flavonoids, such as quercetin and kaempferol, in enhancement to vitamin E and together, contribute to defense against totally free radicals. That has as such an immense antioxidant power, which helps to purify the organism and improve general health.

Free radicals are associated with premature birth aging, both, skin and all body tissues and also at the cellular level.

Different research studies have presented that antioxidants minimize the risk of cancer, hypertension, delay cellular aging, stop diabetes and also strengthens the immune system.

Excellent food because that athletes

Athletes have a greater need for protein and complicated carbohydrates than various other people, because they spend a most energy during training and also competitions. This causes wear and tear in ~ the muscle level and also requires the tissues be repaired appropriately to provide greater performance. Right here is as soon as quinoa benefits them, because this pseudo-cereal is created of 23% protein the helps to kind muscles and regenerate tissues.

In addition, that is one efficient resource of energy and also possesses vital amino acids for our body. All this offer to recuperate after competitions and hard workouts. Appropriate for rebuilding muscles once working with weights because that example.

It is an ingredient the is usually used in protein bars or energy bars, as well as some protein drink that room marketed as distinct nutritional supplements because that athletes.

Special for human being with celiac disease

Its ingredient is totally free of gluten, i m sorry is an incredible advantage for people with celiac disease or everyone who has a diet the is free of this type of protein. The best of every is the it is gluten cost-free naturally, the is not a synthetic process that eliminates that so it does not alter its nutritional properties.

Quinoa can be spend directly and integrally providing many other services to the organism as we have explained. Having actually celiac disease is suffering from an autoimmune illness that reasons intolerance come gluten, a collection of proteins discovered in cereals such as barley, rye and oats.

A gluten-free diet deserve to be healthy, as long as the is based upon foods that naturally do not contain gluten. Problems arise when world consume “gluten-free” commodities made with polished starches.

These foods are no far better than your gluten-free counterparts, since the gluten-free junk food is tho junk food.

Several researchers have proposed quinoa together a viable ingredient because that those who look for to follow a gluten-free diet but do not desire to give up bread or pasta.

Some studies show that: “The use of quinoa instead of common gluten-free ingredients, such as sleek tapioca, potatoes, corn or rice flour, can considerably increase the antioxidant and nutrient worth of the diet”.

Helps strengthen hair

Thanks come its combination of nutrients, quinoa help strengthen, give shine and softness come hair. The method to apply it is as a mask, i m sorry is made through boiled seeds and a tiny olive oil.

The minerals and also nutrients are provided to enhance the structure in hair damaged by chemistry or overfill sun.

It is an extremely common to discover this food together an ingredient in the formulation that cosmetic products for hair care. Plenty of protein treatments are based upon this superfood, for this reason you have the right to not just make the mask at home, yet it is additionally easy come purchase commodities to care for hair v high content of quinoa, extremely nutritive.

Its amino acids repair the separation ends and also make the hair stronger, silky and shiny, likewise contributing come nourish the scalp, which can potentially protect against hair loss.


Helps come take treatment of our body in a generalised way

Due come its high level the proteins, vitamins and minerals, it helps to stop flaccidity the the skin, boosts the musculature, prevents cellulitis and stretch marks. Therefore, that is a an extremely useful device both, for beauty and also for the basic health that the body internally and externally. That habitual intake improves the element of the skin, through the capability of quinoa to regenerate tissues.

One of its many outstanding attributes is its performance to detoxify the organism, thanks to its high organic value proteins, among which space the important amino acids the the body is incapable of production by itself. This contributes to the regeneration of tissues, organs and all the cell that consist of the body.

The daidzein and also cistestin that are present in quinoa, space phytoestrogens that aid to protect against osteoporosis and mitigate few of the alterations developed by the absence of estrogen.

Keeps skin hydrated

As a result of that is high contents of proteins, quinoa renders dry and also cracked skins hydrate in a an ext effective way. Because that this, it is important to use it directly on the skin together a mask, cook quinoa seed in a glass the milk and letting it rest. If we combine this mask with oral intake, the outcomes will be noticed in much less time, achieve a much much more hydrated, elastic and also firm skin.

Above all, the same hydration is well appreciated as soon as there are troubles in the joints, since it additionally contains proline, an amino acid that participates in the repair of tissues, especially joints and also is also necessary in heal processes.

Additionally, that is nutritious oils allow a fix at the to move level, giving a higher luminosity. That is for these reasons that there are several cosmetic laboratories that research quinoa properties and elaborate assets that save on computer it.


It help to have strong bones

It includes at least the quadruple of the calcium that the corn has and practically the triple the rice. The is also calcium of simple absorption, therefore, help to stop decalcification and also can be great complement in the diet for children and also women in menopause.

Reduces migraine

Quinoa contains a high concentration the magnesium, which permits the relaxation of the walls of the blood vessels.

On the various other hand, its consumption helps alleviate migraine and combats its frequent appearance. That solid headache the disturbs united state for hours, can be combated with doses of magnesium and vitamin B12, both current in quinoa naturally, so it is deadline the advantage of soothing this condition.

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Quinoa as a herbal relaxant

Quinoa infusions have actually the advantage of acting on stress levels, make them descent naturally. That is anti-stress capacity may be due to the fact that it has alanine, i m sorry is a valuable resource of power for the muscles, brain and especially for the concerned system.

Besides, it contains glycine, which behaves favor a neurotransmitter that is linked with regulation of engine functions and to patience the brain, favoring relaxation and also rest in ~ night.

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Where come buy quinoa?

Fortunately, this particular day we perform not have an excellent difficulties to find certain foods that prior to we walk not also know the they existed. This is the situation of quinoa, currently accessible in all sort of supermarkets and also online stores.