Every time you begin your Kia Sorento, the computer system runs a self diagnostic examine on all major systems. If any type of of this checks fail, girlfriend will watch a diagnostic warning irradiate on the dash because that the corresponding system. As soon as the airbag system fails this check, you’ll view the airbag light.

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Depending top top the design year and what country you take place to it is in in, girlfriend may obtain something along the lines of SRS, a photo of a human being with the airbag deployed, or words airbag. All of these should be treated as the airbag light.

Your Sorento’s airbag light is there to tell you that there’s a difficulty with the airbag system. If it come on because that a couple of seconds together the auto starts, the is fully normal and part of the diagnostic cycle. It’s as soon as it stays on that suggests a problem.


Kia Sorento Airbag light on Causes

Your airbag light is component of her Sorento’s bigger supplemental restraint system. It works in tandem v the device to protect you in the event of one accident. If all parts of this device are not working properly, that can cause the airbag light to come on.

If you’ve been in an accident, the airbag light is walk to stay on till the system has been restored. It will not work until repaired.

Here are some common reasons the your Sorento’s airbag light could come on.

1. Seat Belts

Safety belts are still the most crucial safety function in the occasion your Sorento crashes. Modern-day vehicles have actually sensors to run to them to let the computer system system recognize if they are buckled, and also if they space locked up.

If you have actually a chair belt that is grounding in the lock position, it might be the reason why your airbag irradiate is on. See if you deserve to tug in ~ it and also get it moving again.

2. Seat Sensors

The seat sensors phone call the airbag device that the seat is occupied. Part older model vehicles have actually a manual button to revolve the passenger airbag top top or off.

Look under the seats to watch if you can uncover any part of the wiring harness that has actually come dislodged or damaged. This is a very common factor why the airbag light come on.

3. Airbag Itself

If the Sorento’s airbag mechanism is not getting a solution from one of the airbags itself in the diagnostic cycle, it’ll revolve the airbag light on till the trouble has to be fixed, and the system has actually been reset.


4. Airbag ECU/Sensors

The airbag system regulate unit may have gone bad. If this is the case, you can have it changed or send for a brand-new one. This often happens whenever you gain into a fender bender the doesn’t deploy the airbag.

One or an ext of the crash sensors may have actually been triggered, however not enough to deploy the airbag. The airbag sensors can also fail and also throw the airbag light on if there is water damage. This is among the reasons why that is not wise come buy a automobile with overwhelming damage, also if that looks choose it is otherwise fine.

5. No Reset after ~ Deployment

If your vehicles airbag has actually gone off and also been replaced, the airbag mechanism needs reset. That won’t simply work till the airbag system has actually been reset through a shop, or girlfriend send the module to someone who deserve to do it because that you.

Is it for sure to Drive your Sorento v the Airbag irradiate On?

It is no as safe come drive through the airbag irradiate on. The airbag system has actually saved plenty of lives since its invention. If you execute drive with your Sorento’s airbag light on, you are relying exclusively on the safety belts to store you safe, i beg your pardon is not as safe.

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All of the technology that keeps friend from crashing is still over there (if equipped), such together the traction control, anti-lock brake system, and also blind clues detection. However if you obtain in one accident, the modern technology that can save your life is walk to be 30+ years the end of date.

Conclusion: Kia Sorento Airbag light On

Your Kia Sorento’s airbag mechanism is complicated. There have the right to be a many of various reasons why the airbag light may have actually come on. Most of them should be left to a professional. Just because the car can it is in driven, go not median that the difficulty should be ignored. If there is anything that you would prefer to add, please leave a comment below. Good luck!