If you're spring to impress your Filipina wife/girlfriend or Filipino husband/boyfriend, or perhaps, you desire to to express love to your children, parents, friend, or household member, climate use some of these typical terms that endearment in Tagalog. They’ll be floored!

Filipinos think in a true, everlasting love that will certainly ride the end the highs and lows of also a rollercoaster-ride-like relationship. There’s something around our society that renders us intend love and makes us want to offer even much more love in return. This means that we're believers in love in its truest, purest, and yes, even cheesiest form!

So obtain ready, and also start studying these Filipino words and also expressions around love!

What is the word for "love" in Tagalog?



Ways to Say "I Love You" in Tagalog

1. "Mahal kita"

This is the many common means to to speak "I love you" in Tagalog. You have the right to use this through a romantic companion or a family member. You will hear this phrase exchanged between parents and also children and also between lovers and also spouses.

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2. "Iniibig kita"

This is an archaic phrase that likewise translates to "I love you," yet it is now outdated. I would not recommend utilizing this. The is a expression you could come throughout in old literature and also is reserved for an extremely serious lovers. It should not be offered to express love in between family members.

3. "Mahal din kita"

This phrase way "I love you too."

4. "Mahal na mahal kita"

"I love you very much." scheduled for as soon as you want to location extra focus on just how you feel about someone.

How Do people in the Philippines to express Love?

It is unusual for the larger generation to declare "I love you," yet the younger generation this particular day is much more expressive and an ext heavily affected by west culture. As a result, you'll hear "mahal kita," and Taglish (Tagalog and English) words, such together "lab kita" or "lab you." castle may also use plain English and also say "I love you."

Flirty Phrases come Say to her Crush


Ano ang pangalan mo?

What’s her name?

Saan ka nakatira?

Where do you live?

Puwede ba kitang tawagan?

May I call you?

Tawagan mo ako.

Call me.

Iniisip kita.

I'm reasoning of you.

Ang ganda mo!

You’re so beautiful!

Ang guwapo!

So handsome!

Hihintayin kita.

I'll wait because that you.

Ang bango mo.

You smell nice.

Ang ganda ng buhok mo.

Your hair is beautiful.

Ang ganda ng suot mo.

You’re pull nice.

Sobrang init!

My, it’s hot!

Anong iniisip mo?

What space you thinking?

Akong bahala.

I’ll take care of it.

Basta para sa iyo!

As lengthy as it’s because that you!

Kahit ano, para sa iyo.

Anything for you.

Pasama naman.

Let me come in addition to you.

Pwede ba kitang samahan?

Can i go v you?

Ako na ang magdadala.

I’ll carry it.


Filipino regards to Endearment


This is a commingling that the words "wish" and also "heart." The origins are unclear, yet the an interpretation of the word is similar to words "sweetheart."


This native is brief for honey. That is a an extremely common term used by parental or grandparents to resolve their kids or grandchildren.


This native simply way "love." This is very commonly provided by couples who space dating or through married couples. That is sweet and simple.

Mahal kong anak

This term means "my lover child," yet it is a bit dramatic. To affectionately refer to your children, opt for "iho" (when addressing a son) or "iha" (when addressing a daughter).

Old-Fashioned regards to Endearment

These are only provided in poems and also songs, but are otherwise obsolete.

Giliw (dear)Irog (dear one)Sinta (darling or sweetheart)

Did friend Know?

The Philippines has over 170 languages, and they are broken up right into 8 major dialects: Bikol, Cebuano, Hiligaynon (Ilonggo), Ilocano, Kapampangan, Pangasinan, Tagalog, and also Waray.

Terms the endearment vary from language come language. What are some pets names supplied in her family and also what language do friend use? share in the comment below.

Other regards to Endearment in Tagalog


mahal ko

my love

ang aking isa in ~ natatangi

my one and only

aking irog

my beloved


husband or wife


marred couple






boyfriend or girlfriend



lola or lolo

grandma or grandpa






Deep Love unit volume in Tagalog

Filipino or TagalogEnglish
Ang pag-ibig ko ay tunay.

My love is real.

Ang pag-ibig ko ay totoo

My love is true.

Ang pag-ibig ko ay wagas.

My love is lasting.

Ang pag-ibig ko ay walang hangganan.

My love is endless.

Mahal din kita.

I love girlfriend too/also.

Ikaw ang mahal ko.

You space the one i love.

Umiibig ako.

I to be falling in love.

Umibig ako.

I fell in love.

Mamahalin kita magpakailan man.

I will certainly love friend forever.

Mamahalin kita habang-buhay.

I will certainly love you every my life.


When You miss out on Them

Filipino or TagalogEnglish
Miss kita.

I miss you.

Miss na miss kita.

I miss you a lot.

Sobrang miss out on kita.

I miss you really much.

Na-miss kita.

I let go you.

Sobrang na-miss kita.

I let go you very much.

Miss ko ang aking asawa.

I miss out on my wife/husband.

Miss ko ang aking nobya.

I miss out on my girlfriend.

Miss ko ang aking nobyo.

I miss out on my boyfriend.

Na-miss mo ba ako?

Did you miss out on me?

Tagalog Basics

You never understand when the love of your life will certainly ask girlfriend a question in their native tongue. Surprise them by responding v a straightforward 'yes' or 'no'—or other in between!

Filipino or TagalogEnglish






Of course.

Hindi gaano.

Not really.



When You desire Them Near

Filipino or TagalogEnglish

Gusto kitang makita.

I want to check out you.

Gusto ko siyang makita.

I desire to see him/her.

Kailan kita makikita?

When will I check out you?

Kailan tayo magkikita?

When will certainly we check out each other?

Kailan tayo magkikita?

When will we meet?

Hindi ako makahintay!

Can't wait!

Hindi ako makahintay na makita ka!

Can't wait to watch you!


When You want to be Held

Filipino or TagalogEnglish
Yakapin mo ako.

Hug me.

Yayakapin kita.

I will certainly hug you.

Gusto kitang yakapin.

I desire to hug you.

Bibigyan kita ng malaking yakap.

I will give you a huge hug.

Yayakapin kita nang mahigpit.

I will certainly hug friend tightly.

Yayakapin mo ba ako?

Will friend hug me?

How come Tell who You favor Them

Filipino or TagalogEnglish
Gusto kita.

I prefer you.

May gusto ako sa iyo.

I have a like on you.

Gustong gusto kita.

I really choose you.

Sobrang gusto kita.

I prefer you very much.

May gusto ka ba sa akin?

Do you have actually a crush on me?

Gusto mo ba ako?

Do you favor me?

When marital relationship Is Afoot

Filipino or TagalogEnglish

Pakasalan mo ako!

Marry me!

Papakasal ka ba sa akin?

Will girlfriend marry me?

Papakasalan mo ba ako?

Are friend going come marry me?

Gusto kitang pakasalan.

I want to marry you.

Gusto mo bang magpakasal?

Do you want to gain married?

Papakasalan kita!

I will marry you!

Kelan mo ako papakasalan?

When will certainly you marry me?

Saan tayo magpapakasal?

Where will certainly we get married?

Compliments in Tagalog

Filipino or TagalogEnglish
Maganda ka.

You room beautiful.

Guwapo ka.

You room handsome.

Kyut ka.

You room cute.

May itsura ka.

You room good-looking.

Ang ganda ng mga mata mo.

Your eyes room beautiful.

And ganda ng buhok mo.

Your hair is beautiful.

Ang ganda ng mga labi mo.

Your lips room beautiful.

Ang bait mo.

You space kind.

Ang tapang mo.

You room brave.

Ang talino mo.

You room smart.

Ang galing mo.

You are great.

Ikaw ang lahat sa akin.

You are everything to me.


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