stclairdrake.net"s power Supply Calculator (or PSU Calculator) help you quickly uncover all the compatible power provides for your present or future pc build. We"re here to aid you make sure that you consider all the important aspects of her search before you purchase the ideal power supply!

Central processing Unit (CPU)

choose Brand choose Brand This field is required. Select collection Select collection This ar is required.


choose a Motherboard ATX E-ATX Micro ATX Mini-ITX thin Mini-ITX SSI CEB SSI EEB XL at pick a Motherboard This ar is required.

Graphics processing Unit (GPU)

pick Chipset choose Chipset Select series Select series x 1 2 1

Random accessibility Memory (RAM)

pick Your memory 32GB DDR4 16GB DDR4 8GB DDR4 4GB DDR4 32GB DDR3 8GB DDR3 4GB DDR3 2GB DDR3 choose Your memory x 1 2 3 4 5 6 1

Solid state journey (SSD)

select a heavy State drive Not set up Under 120GB 120GB - 256GB 256GB - 512 GB 512GB - 1TB 1TB+ pick a heavy State journey x 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1

Hard Disk drive (HDD)

pick a tough Drive Not mounted 5400RPM 3.5" HDD 7200RPM 3.5" HDD 10,000RPM 2.5" HDD 10,000RPM 3.5" HDD 15,000RPM 2.5" HDD 15,000RPM 3.5" HDD pick a difficult Drive x 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1

Optical drive (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray)

select an Optical drive Not installed Blu-Ray DVD-RW COMBO CD-RW DVD-ROM CD-ROM choose an Optical journey

NOTE: The PSU wattage we recommend only provides you a basic idea the what to consider when picking a power supply. PCI cards, external devices, USB and also FireWire devices, cooling fans, and also other components may need much more power.

The best power it is provided for your PC build is the one that gives the best amount that wattage come all components simultaneously. Manually calculating this calls for that you multiply the complete amps of all contents by the full volts of all components. The an outcome is the total watts the your PC develop requires. If friend input all the contents of your PC build into ours calculator, the will carry out this for you and carry out a list of options.

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The power supply provides power come every component and also if you download the wrong power supply, you could damage the components. The best PSU will administer all your components with a constant amount of power when they require it.

Top brand include: Corsair, EVGA, Rosewill, Seasonic, Cooler Master, Silverstone, FSP and Thermaltake. However, you require to choose the PSU that’s best for girlfriend so consider all options before purchasing.

Every PC situation has a room for the power supply unit back the room may differ in size and shape. Because that example, small form factor situations will not be able to accommodate a PSU supposed for a mid or complete tower case. The is always best come look at the dimensions of your computer case and make sure that you are buying a power supply unit that have the right to fit in the designated space.

stclairdrake.net Insider is a an excellent place to obtain information around the latest and also greatest in tech. Girlfriend can inspect out short articles like "The FSP Hydro PTM+ is a water-cooled strength supply through RGB lights" or "Future-Proofing 101 – Cases and Power Supplies."

Before you decide what strength supply to buy, it is critical that you know all the contents that you right now have in ~ your construct or the ones the you would prefer to include. Here’s a finish list of items the you require to consider when calculating your strength supply needs.

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Motherboard – Be certain you understand what kind of motherboard (Desktop, Server, Laptop, etc.) her build currently has or what kind factor you desire to put in your new build. This is a vital component of your calculations because virtually everything in ~ your develop plugs into and derives power from the motherboard. Central processing Unit (CPU) – Be certain you understand the make, model or series, and socket size. Graphics processing Unit (GPU) – girlfriend will should account because that the actual strength draw and also the variety of additional power pins a GPU may have. It’ll be one of two people 6, 8, 6+6, 6+8, or 8+8-pins – and also that"s per GPU. For this reason make sure your PSU has sufficient cable to assistance that. Most PSUs will have actually at least one cable that is compatible through either an 8-pin or a 6-pin connector. Memory (RAM) – always know the number of memory sticks that your motherboard have the right to support and also the dimension (GB) of each one. Optical Drive – If her PC build includes one optical drive, be sure to encompass this in her calculations. Additionally make sure that you recognize the optical media form (Blu-ray, CD-ROM, etc.) of her optical drive. Hard drives (HDD) – You need to recognize the size (inches) and also RPM (e.g. 7200RPM) of each hard drive that you currently have in ~ your develop or the you would like to include. Solid State journey (SSD) – You require to recognize the dimension (GB) of each solid state drive the you at this time have within your construct or the you would favor to include. Mental that sometimes these can be attached come the motherboard. Fans/Peripherals – You might want to include add-ons prefer a sound blaster card or RGB case fans. These devices additionally draw a small amount of power so err on the next of caution by rounding up strength wattage come accommodate peripherals.

80 add to is a certification that steps the power supply’s efficiency. Manufacturers will voluntarily send their products to an independent lab to test the strength supply’s energy effectiveness at various loads. Based on the results, PSUs are offered one of 6 level of certifications: 80 PLUS, 80 add to Bronze, 80 to add Silver, 80 plus Gold, 80 plus Platinum, or 80 add to Titanium.