Back in 2000, Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver launchedfor the video game Boy shade in the joined States. Follow me with adding 100 brand-new Pokemon varieties to the Pokedex, Gold and Silver also introduced rarely Shiny Pokemon to the series for the very first time. Shiny Pokemon are rare color variants of traditional Pokemon and have showed up in every Pokemon title because Gold and also Silver.

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Chances of encountering one areincrediblylow, yet if you’re ready to dedicate at some time to it, you can receive a shiny starter Pokemon in Sun and Moon.

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The process isn’t all that complicated, but the cutscene leading as much as the moment where you choose a starter Pokemon in Sun or Moon large over two minutes. You’re going to have to continually restart till a glowing Pokemon appears, and with the odds of encountering a shiny starter at 1 in 4,096,you deserve to see why this procedure might have to be recurring forhours or even days.

Here’s a video clip from SmkGaming05 explicate the procedure in detail:

Everything you require to recognize is in the video above, however if you’d rather have text instructions come follow, we’ve had those listed below as well:

Save your video game after Tapu Koko saves you from falling turn off thebridge.Talk come Lillie, that is standing in between two totems in ~ the bottom the the screen.Cutscene begins. You’ll know if you acquired a Shiny as soon as you deserve to nickname your starter.If you don’t get a shiny Litten, Rowlet or Popplio, you’ll should reset.In order come soft reset, host down together + R then press either begin or Select.

Every time friend soft reset the game, you’ll end up ago in prior of Lillie, in ~ which allude you’ll need to talk to she to begin the cutscene when again. This is a painful, arduous process, however if you just need to have a shining starter, it’s the just way.

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Here’s what all the glowing starters look choose (h/t Now Loading):


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