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How to say forgive me in Polish: przepraszam

Learning polishing for travel or study? Let’s shot this term:

To say excuse me in Polish: przepraszamSay it out loud: “pshe pra" sham

You have the right to learn exactly how to say excuse me and also over 220 various other travel-friendly words and also phrases with our inexpensive, easy-to-use polish language cheat sheets. Us can assist you make your following trip to one more country even much more fun and also immersive. Click below!

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Some an ext helpful words in our polishing Courtesy/Questions category:

...the toilet – toaleta (towa leh" ta)come v me – Chodź ze mną (Hotsh zae mno)do girlfriend speak english? – Czy mówisz po angielsku? (chee moo veesh" po an gyel" skoo?)excellent – znakomity (zna ko mee" ty)excuse me – przepraszam (pshe pra" sham)good / poor – dobry / zły (do" bree / zlee)how perform you say…? – Jak mówisz (Yahk moo" veesh?)how lot is this? – Ile come kosztuje? (Ela to kosh too" yeah?)may I? (point in ~ chair, door) – mogę? (mo" geh?)maybe – może (mo" zheh)no problem – Nie ma za co (Nyeah ma za" tzo)please – proszę (pro" sheh)thank friend – dziękuję (jen koo" yeh)thanks – dzięki (jen" kee)what is that? – Co come jest? (Tzo to yest?)where is… – Gdzie jest? (Jiye yest?)yes / no – tak / nie (tak / nyeah)

And here’s exactly how to say excuse me in various other languages!

Arabic–Uzran (uz ran)Chinese–Dǎrǎo Yīxià (Da Rao Ee Shya)Croatian–oprostite (oh pro stee tay)Czech–promiňte (pro MYEEN tay)Finnish–anteeksi (an teh ex ih)French–Excusez moi (excuse eh mwah)German–entschuldigen sie (ent shool" duh gen zee)Italian–scusi (skoo zee)Japanese–Sumimasen (Soo Mee Mah Senn)Korean–Sillyehapnida. (Shil Le Ham Ni Da.)Polish–przepraszam (pshe pra" sham)Portuguese–Desculpe (jeh scoo pee)Russian–prostite (prah stee tye)Spanish–perdón (pear dōn)Swahili–kumradhi (koom rah dhee)Thai–Kho Thot (kaw TOAT)Turkish–afedersiniz (ah feh dar sinz)Vietnamese–Xin Lổi (Sin Loy)

In every culture, courtesy gets you a long way. There is no faster way to gain yourself ignored and also ultimately hopelessly lost than not knowing just how to strategy a indigenous in a polite manner. Fortunately, the expression "excuse me" (przepraszam) cuts throughout all societies as a type of politeness and getting attention. As soon as you find out this in Polish and work towards learning it in the language of the nation you great to visit, you are halfway towards gaining all the aid you will certainly need.

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Get instant accessibility to the polish Language Set. Above all, have fun v the language and also thanks for avoiding by!


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