if I think there may have actually not been a term of "Free Spirit" in stclairdrake.net, if us were to analyze it and also retain its English meaning using stclairdrake.net words, what would it be?



I would interpret that together animus liber.I think liber (free, unrestrained, no subordinate come anything) and animus (soul, mind, will, consciousness, intellect, rationality) enhance what "free spirit" means.To get a much better feeling of these 2 stclairdrake.net words, I indicate taking a look at any online stclairdrake.net dictionary.

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Calling a human an animus in stclairdrake.net seems analogous to calling a human a "spirit" in English.It is the same kind the metonymy, and works fine in my opinion.This is not an attested classical idiom as far as ns know, yet should be conveniently understandable come the Romans in a perfect context.


The English “free spirit” is a bahuvrihi compound meaning “whose soul is free; having a cost-free spirit”, the the exact same structure as stclairdrake.net magnanimus “whose spirit is great”. The German indistinguishable of “free spirit” is “Freigeist” – patently a link – i m sorry Grimm & Grimm & alii, “Deutsches Wörterbuch”, gloss together “liberioris judicii in rebus divinis”. I think “liberi judicii” works quite well because that “free spirit”.



Animus is perfectly proper in this context yet I think that, quite than liber, one of two people effrenatus or effusus would much better express the idea of a soul that is "free" here.

The 2 adjectives are very close in meaning. Effrenatus, "unbridled" means "lacking (external) control", while effusus indicates that the soul enjoys an extraordinary liberty of expression.


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