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When you’re speaking in your native language, I would certainly imagine the you have actually various means of saying yes. In English, you will do say “sure”, “why not?”, “of course!”, “yep!”, “absolutely!” and also so numerous other variants that yes. All of which typical yes, yet with different nuances for each.

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It’s the same thing in French. Girlfriend can get by with simply saying oui every time you desire to speak yes in French language, but it gets old quickly.

How around a yes as soon as you’re super enthusiastic?

There are different ways on exactly how to say yes in French in particular scenarios and also today, fine be learning about it.

Oui is the standard way to say yes in French. It’s basic and straightforward, and also you deserve to use that in all instances whereby you wish to express a hopeful answer.


« Tu peux venir ici s’il car plait ? » (“Can you come below please?” )

« Oui j’arrive ! » (“Yes i’m coming!”)

When you’re v close friends, the fine to take things easy and talk in an informal manner. Simply be careful with saying this in formal cases though---it won’t walk well!

bah ouiyeah

Ouep is frequently used as a way to sound cool. So if you a teenager or you simply want to include a coolness aspect to your French, feel complimentary to use this one.

Now for part examples:

1. Tu veux venir jouer à la console chez moi samedi ? (Do you want to come end to beat videos gamings on Saturday?)

Ouais pourquoi pas ! (Yeah why not!)

2. Alors tu l’as vu ?(So, walk you see her?)

Ouaip.Tu together raison elle ressemble vraiment à cette actrice.(Yep. You’re right she really does look like this actress.)

3. Ouah tu together eu un nouveau skate to water Noël ? (Wow you obtained a new skate because that Christmas? )

Ouep ! Il est beau hein ? » (“Yep! that beautiful no it?”)

4. Tu pensais vraiment qu’il fallait cuire ça au 4 ?! »( “Did you yes, really think you had to roasted it in the oven? ")

Bah oui. Ce n’est pas comme ça qu’on fait ? » ( " Yeah. Isn’t this not exactly how we execute it? ")

Let’s say someone asked if you want to fight the beach but you’re unsure if you really desire to. Just how do you to speak yes come that?

In English, you’d probably mumble an unenthusiastic “um yeah”. There’s a method to do that in French, too. You say mouais. You have the right to use mouais once you’re unsure or hesitant or you want to continue to be noncommittal.

Here’s an instance of a conversation making use of mouais.

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« Tu veux venir au bowling ce soir ? » (“Do you want to involved bowling tonight?”)

« Mouais…je ne suis pas très motivé en fait. » ("Well yeah... I"m not very motivated actually.")

The concern you’re asked simply made friend so happy! how do friend express your joy while saying yes? say ouah! It likewise works favor “wow”.

«Ouah !Comment tu together fait ça ?! »(“Wow ! exactly how did you perform that ?!”)

« Des années d’entrainement... » (“Years the practice…”)

Someone asked friend a stupid question and you desire to present the schmuck how annoyed and impatient girlfriend are. In French, you speak mais oui or ben oui !