According come Google NGram, in brother the spelling "grandad" is more popular 보다 "granddad", however American, the assignment "granddad" is more popular than "grandad".

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Both exist, apparently.

The NOAD, says

granddad |ˈgranˌdad| (also grandad) noun informal - one"s grandfather.

grandad |ˈgranˌdad|, Noun - different spelling the granddad .

The OALD states the same thing, and also is an ext specific, saying that "Granddad" is North-American If who from U.S./UK deserve to confirm, it would add much more info.

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Further documentary evidence.

Clive Dunn"s just #1 fight record, the famously ironic article punk solitary – Grandad, to be spelled with one "d"


In the UK, I"ve generally seen "Grandad" used, particularly among the older generations comprise a preponderance that grandads. For this reason I"d to speak that"s the exactly spelling in british, and also from the other answers "Granddad" shows up to be an ext common is us

Searching irish websites using Google:

grandad 411,000grandpa 371,000granddad 41,600 grand-dad/grand-dad 10,200grandaddy 7,230granddaddy 4,230
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