By Steve BeauregardThere room two key ways to drive from mountain Diego to ras Vegas.The fastest, shortest path is 327 mile from downtown san Diego to the facility of the ras Vegas Strip.Without much traffic, it would take you around 4 hours and 45 minutes to get there.

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View of the drive earlier from ras Vegas to mountain DiegoView of the drive ago from ras Vegas to san Diego
With this route, you’ll journey the exact same as if you to be going top top the much faster route explained above, but in the city of Edgemont, you’ll desire to take it State course 60 East, or the 60 Freeway together it’s called. (Exit indicators will to speak “Beaumont/Indio”).The 60 Freeway, also known as the Moreno valley Freeway, will certainly merge into Interstate 10.In the center of around a million white windmills, you’ll watch the indications pointing you come Highway 62. They’ll additionally say “Yucca Valley/Twenty-Nine Palms.”You’ll take State course 62 north v the Mojave nationwide Preserve, because that what may seem prefer forever, till it merges right into I-15, about five miles prior to you obtain to Primm, Nevada.Mapping systems peg this route at 354 mile from downtown mountain Diego to the las Vegas Strip. It would certainly take you around 5 and ½ hours, suspect normal traffic conditions.In various other words, this road takes about 45 minutes longer than sticking with the I-215 and I-15 roadway to las Vegas.San Diego to ras Vegas driving TipsThere are just two main tips, one because that going, and one for coming back:GoingWhen steering to las Vegas ~ above a weekend, leave an extremely early Friday morning.Interstate 15 can get busy through L.A. Residents wanting to spend their weekend in ras Vegas. In fact, the las Vegas Visitors and Convention Bureau says that critical year, 27% of all travellers to las Vegas come from southern California.(Related: List and also map of san Diego casinos)Since there were approximately 41 million visitors to Sin City last year, that method 11 million came from southern California. If you leave late on a Friday, you may feel the all 11 million room in former of friend on I-15.Coming BackYou might wake increase on a Sunday morning in las Vegas v a headache, yet if you’re maybe to leave really early, you’ll conserve yourself even an ext of a headache on the journey home.This uses to 3-day weekends together well, when all of your other Southern Californians space headed home. Last year on job Day, because that example, the was approximated that 315,000 world visited las Vegas. That’s 85,000 civilization from southern California roughly. And also yes, some will fly, however many that the 85,000 will certainly be driving home on I-15. To win them to the rush.

Distances and also Estimated Driving times to ras Vegas from surrounding San Diego Cities

(Please note, these room all suspect normal website traffic conditions and also start in the love of each under – generally the city government structure – come the facility of the ras Vegas Strip, in this case, caesars Palace)Carlsbad to ras Vegas – Driving street of 309 miles v a time the 4 and ½ hours. This is by going the more quickly way, which is I-5 come the State path 133, (which is a toy fee road), meandering north and also east come I-15.Chula Vista – 332 miles. 4 hours and 45 minutes.Escondido – 297 miles. Roughly 4 hours and 15 minutes.La Jolla – 327 miles. 4 hours 45 minutes.El Cajon – 329 miles. 4 hours and 45 minutes.Encinitas – 318 miles. 4 hours and 40 minutes.

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How many miles is it from mountain Diego to las Vegas?

So come recap, it’s just around 330 miles from downtown san Diego to the ras Vegas Strip. Be sure to get very early start, both as soon as leaving and when coming home. And have a great time!(Photos courtesy the djfpaagman and Ken Lund via Flickr).

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