The Hawaiian archipelago are offered by 7 California airports. (Photo: Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty images )

Daydreaming about the feeling of soft white sand in between your toes? You"ll have actually plenty that time to photo it throughout a flight from California to Hawaii. The journey across the Pacific ocean is a lengthy one, no matter which ticket girlfriend book. There are plenty of flight choices, with airlines such together Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, oriental Air and Delta making everyday trips between Californian and Hawaiian airports each day. Setup to invest at least six hrs strapped right into your airline seat, yet take heart: The trip home will it is in shorter.

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How far Apart room Hawaii and California?

Hawaii is around 2,500 mile from California. However while Hawaii is southwest that the mainland joined States, the curve that California"s coastline way that Hawaii is actually closer to northern cities prefer San Francisco 보다 it is from southerly cities choose San Diego. Flying the end of a northern city does mean a slightly much shorter flight.

Does It issue Which Hawaiian Airport i Fly Into?

The airport friend fly into is appropriate to your travel plans. ~ all, showing up on Oahu when you"ve booked a hotel room on Maui is relatively inconvenient. Yet your arrival airport doesn"t do much distinction in terms of travel time. Hawaii"s largest airport is Honolulu global Airport top top the island of Oahu. The bulk of flights from the mainland are bound because that Honolulu. Yet if your flight lands in ~ Kona global Airport ~ above the big island or Kahului plane on Maui, the won"t make much affect on your flight time.

And if you carry out accidentally book a ticket to the dorn island, don"t panic. Once you"re in Hawaii, it"s pretty basic to fly from one island come another. Inter-island flights generally take 45 minute or less.

How long Is the trip to Hawaii indigenous California?

For travelers that fly from Sacramento, mountain Francisco or mountain Jose, a direct flight come Honolulu takes about five hours and 40 minutes. The average flight to Honolulu from Los Angeles is commonly only about 10 minute longer, clocking in roughly five hours and 50 minutes. And although mountain Diego is the most southern California city, that Hawaii-bound flights room the longest, lasting an median of six hours and 15 minutes.

How long Is the trip to California from Hawaii?

It"s hard sufficient to leave Hawaii, so boarding a long trip is a tiny like rubbing salt into the wound. Luckily, the trip home should be shorter than the flight into Hawaii. The fast-moving wind well-known as the jet currently blows indigenous west come east. It gives resistance to planes relocating west, making those flights longer, but it eases the means for planes relocating east.

Flying residence to one of the north California airports like San Francisco international takes just around five hrs total, making this return route around 45 minutes shorter than the reverse. The trip from Honolulu come Los Angeles takes around five hours and 10 minutes, and also flying into San Diego takes, ~ above average, roughly five hours and 25 minutes.

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