So you’re prepared to do a fresh batch the cookies. Yum! however the expiration date is, well, no so great. If your cookie dough mix is past expiration, have the right to you still use it? The answer is sometimes. It counts on the form of cookie dough and how the stored.

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Hey! My surname is Michelle, and also I constantly have a batch that cookie mix hanging about somewhere. While i love homemade cookie dough, ns will sometimes grab something off the shelf if ns in a pinch. That said, v my experience, I understand all too well about using cookie mix past expiration.

If you curious whether or no your cookie mix is still an excellent to go, you in luck. While this is a somewhat complicated answer, I will be making it basic on you. For this reason keep analysis if you want to know all around how lengthy cookie mix lasts ~ expiration.

Get ready for some tasty cookies, bakers!


How long Does Cookie Mix critical After Expiration Date?FAQs

How long Does Cookie Mix last After Expiration Date?

The best answer is this – it counts on the type of cookie dough and how that stored. With that said, let’s take a closer look in ~ the different types of cookie doughs and how they need to be stored to extend longevity.

One point to note before we dive in – most cookie mixes will have actually a ‘best by’ date together opposed come an expiration date. Therefore, you won’t have the ability to rely top top the packaging to know when your cookie mix has really gone bad.

Frozen Cookie Dough (Not surname Brand)


If you are storing dried cookie mix, you will gain a lot longer lifespan. With dry cookie mix, you deserve to store it at room temperature for up to 18 months. After the package is opened, it’s necessary to store it in one airtight container or freezer bag come lock freshness in.


Have a couple of questions about cookie mix lifespan? I’ve gained answers!

Can you use an expired cookie mix?

Yup! you can certainly use one expired cookie mix. Many cookie doughs have the right to last for months past their ‘best if offered by date’ as long as that is stored properly.

CAN expired cookie dough make you sick?

Sure, expired cookie dough can make girlfriend sick, yet only if it’s not stored properly and it is far beyond the best by date. For example, leaving refrigerated cookie mix ~ above the respond to for 2 weeks and also attempting to eat it can not be such a grand idea.

How long have the right to you keep raw cookie dough in the fridge?

You need to use raw cookie dough almost everywhere from two to five days from once it was created.

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Final Thoughts

Cookie mix has actually a fairly impressive lifespan, as lengthy as it is stored the best way. Girlfriend can acquire the most longevity the end of freezer cookie dough or dried cookie mix, though as they have tendency to last as much as 12 months and also beyond.