I am rewiring a kitchen throughout remodel and planning the circuits. Does anyone recognize what the common amperage the a gas selection is? I think NEC says it have the right to go ~ above the 20A little appliance circuits yet can"t figure out how numerous amps my Amana "Big Oven" range draws. No info on ago of stove, on door, or in manuals ns have.Any aid appreciated!dave

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Followup question that I"ve to be wondering about... Would it make feeling (and much more importantly, be legal) to have actually a big box and fat conduit housing so that at some point in the future, somebody could easily fish a large conductor because that an electrical oven or electric-only range? deserve to conduit be "too big" because that a provided conductor?



Thanks Petey--it is all gas and also your an answer is what ns suspected.Nigel-Hopefully the electricians deserve to answer your question yet to me the seems prefer a good idea, specifically if you"ve already got walls open for the project--in my certain situation, I have unrestricted access from below so if I ever went electric, I"d just include the 240V circuit.

thanks because that the help!dave


It never damages to setup for the future. However it costs money. If you room working on a budget plan that be an expense you don"t need or want.


In mine experience, world with electrical ranges no infrequently want to adjust to gas. World with gas arrays rarely want to switch to electric.


If it is "all gas" it have the right to go on practically any circuit. The draw is minimal.

My friend has actually a gas Kitchenaid selection with an electric aspect in that for more even broiling and preheating the cooktop a little bit faster. The aspect is 1500 watts. It"s no "advertised" all over on the variety and one wouldn"t understand it existed unless you stuck her head in the oven and looked.

To the original poster,

I"d gambling Amana desires a 15-amp circuit, otherwise numerous ovens wouldn"t occupational in retrofit applications. If you still have it, watch in the installation hand-operated (which might be different than the owner"s manual)

13 years ago

Mike, that"s what I meant by "all gas". That range your friend has actually is not all gas.

If that is the instance there would have to be miscellaneous some whereby stating this. I bet the instructions dubbed for a committed circuit.They simply cannot just put a 1500 watt pack in a 120v appliance and not placed it in the literature.

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