Do you have a fun vehicle that you simply KNOW will go quicker with a brand new paint job?This an approach is based upon the idea of using a foam repaint roller to put plenty of layers of Rustoleum on her car. Except, I offered a skilled airgun and also only 2 coats. The result? nice dang good, for the money.

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So why Rustoleum? Well, ~ above the internet you have the right to find civilization who rolling it on, and also the cars watch pretty good. However most the all, you can acquire a quart because that under $5 at any kind of hardware store, whereas automotive paint have the right to be 20-50 times the much.I have actually a ar who has actually a paint shop in his garage, for this reason I gained to usage his spray gun. Girlfriend will require a spray gun and also air compressor, yet if you don"t you deserve to still shot rolling top top the paint.

Other thoughts:

Throughout the job I retained telling myself, "self, if this works"ll have to do an Instructable ~ above it," and also it worked out, so this is my an initial instructable.Note: I"m not liable for....anything. If you ruin your car, my condolences however remember, girlfriend did it. But you most likely won"t damage your vehicle unless girlfriend try.


First, you"ll require some items:

A vehicle you"re willing to damage the repaint job on2-4 quarts (depending on size of car) that gloss Rustoleum - shade of her choice4 or much more cans that Rustoleum auto inside wall spray paint1 quart the acetone1 can of Bondo (optional)Sand record - 120, 400, 800 grit (or the the next you can get)Mixing can/bottle/whateverStir stickMasking tape and paper4" super-fine foam repaint roller (optional)Spray gun - enlarge nozzle seems to work betterAir compressor - large enough because that the spray gun"s requirementsDry, well-ventilated area to repaint inA bunch that misc. Tools - this may incorporate screw drivers, ratchet sets, allen wrenches, a deserve to of fluid wrench2 gallons the diligenceYou"ll perform well to make sure the primer is Rustoleum, come ensure compatibility (paint can act stupidly if the doens"t choose the primer). Also, use dark primer if your automobile color is dark (blue, green, black, etc) and also lighter primer if the repaint is lighter. This way you won"t need to spray ~ above 20 coats come cover that up.It"s also a good idear to handle any type of bodywork your automobile needs. If you don"t desire to do this, get a skilled to execute it however see if you can have that skip paint it to conserve money. However, for tiny dents Bondo (or any variety of superior, more expensive fillers) is really rather easy come use. I had actually to change a damaged fender and bondo a large dent top top the hood before painting, but it to be a lot simpler than you"d think.

look at at your car. Especially in the door jams. Imagine masking all those little parts off, one by one....sound like fun? No. Eliminate them (this might be a lengthy process, but most trim comes turn off pretty quickly with the appropriate tools).What precisely should you remove?Hood, trunk, gas tank lid (if removable) - these are a lot easier to paint separatelyRubber gaskets/trimLightsReflectorsLicense platesDoor latching stuffPretty much anything that goes over a painted surface, the you can remove safelyStash every the components somewhere castle won"t get lost, stolen, rained on, etc. A quite empty work table is great, then you can lay them the end in one organized means - i.e. NOT prefer this:

Sanding the vehicle before paint it is like...opening a bank account prior to making a deposit. Ya just gotta perform it. First, use solid soap, wax and also grease remover, or everything you have actually lying roughly to clean the heck out that the paint. Climate sand it v 300 or 400 grit paper.For complicated areas, you may want to gain some abrasive foam or scouring material that conforms much better than consistent sand paper. The point is to totally eliminate the shininess of the finish, and also get previous the clear coat. You don"t want to sand down to ceiling metal, there"s no point.


In situation you do have some dents you"d choose to do go away, it"s nice and easy. Asking yourself: is this dent really big, like over an inch deep and also 6 inch wide? If so, obtain a dent puller or miscellaneous ( no my area of expertise ).For tiny dents, sand 2 customs all approximately the dent down to bare metal (use really stormy sandpaper, maybe 120 grit). Make certain the metal part is yes, really rough. Then acquire a deserve to of Bondo - girlfriend can find it everywhere - and mix it up on a clean, non-porous surface. Slap that on the dent, covering the entirety area past flush. Shot not to get bubbles mixed in, these look terrible. Climate you sand the Bondo back down come flush, making use of really big sanding strokes to do it even with the totality surface. Use progressively finer sand paper to get a pretty smooth finish product. You shouldn"t be able to feel where the Bondo blends into the car.


you don"t desire to paint your window now do you? No...that wouldn"t be an extremely smart. However never fear, masking ice cream is here! You"ll need painters ice cream (blue) or extra strong auto masking tape (green) come cover all the areas that are currently the appropriate color.

Some points to mask:

WindshieldSide windowsRear windowMirrorsRubber gaskets the you weren"t maybe to remove in step 2Door handlesThe within of the auto (you"ll have the doors open as soon as you paint)Tail pipeEngine bayRadiator (believe me, the looks quite retarded if paint gets on there when you paint the prior of the car)TiresAny important-looking labels within the door that have important automobile informationAgain, things prefer tail lights, head lights, rubber gaskets, car logos, and so on should really be removed prior to you paint, or that will finish up looking prefer a noob walk it v finger paint.For big areas use quality masking document or cardboard, and garbage bags occupational well for tires.The high quality of the mask job is immeasurably important. If you do super crisp accurate masking, your paint job will look choose the automobile was constantly that color. Invest as lot time top top this action as possible.

You placed primer ~ above the vehicle so the continual paint stays on. Pretty straight forward. I used spray paint, due to the fact that this doesn"t really affect the final finish. Rustoleum makes "automotive primer" so i figured that was appropriate. I"m no qualified to give any type of advice top top spraying, various other than perform it outside and also wear a mask so girlfriend don"t acquire cancer.

Prepare the surface

Use part tack cloth and clean off all the loose paint and dust ~ above the car.


The cloak doesn"t should be thick, yet it needs to cover everything. Spray the on, have actually fun. Let the ingredient dry...maybe an hour or 2 prior to you repaint a second coat (if it demands it). Let the dry because that a job or two.

Sand it!

According to my professional auto painter neighbor, you should sand the primer before painting on the height coat. Because fresh inside wall is incredibly "soft", you can use 800 or for this reason grit and also get a really smooth surface. Be very careful no to sand with the inside wall though, or you"ll have to spray on part more.

This is the big showdown. You"ll have actually spent countless hours preparing by now, and also this is the moment you"ve every been waiting for! If you desire to shot rolling ~ above the Rustoleum, it is in my guest. People have had actually success with that in the past, but I have actually a feeling that doing the door jams would be hell and fifty percent compared come spraying it on.You may want to re-mask everything, since dust and also paint ~ above the used masking document can discover its means onto your new finish. And also remember to clean off all dust on the vehicle by hitting it through compressed wait or using tack cloth.

For rolling on paint:

Get a foam repaint roller - 4" vast should do, and make certain it"s as fine as possible. This creates a really smooth finish if the paint is thin enough.Mix acetone right into the rustoleum in a mixing can. I"ve check out that you desire something roughly the consistency the water, which way a most acetone. You"ll more than likely need more than 1 quart to perform the whole car. When mixing paint, row it with a stick, DON"T shake it or bubbles will happen.Note: This an approach requires a lot an ext patience than spraying, together you"re supposed to execute 8 or 10 coats, sanding in between each one if orange peel start happening. I very reccomend you check out the original resource of this an approach (which inspired this entire project) here:

For spraying the on:

To spray top top paint, mix a tiny acetone right into the paint. The can recommends no more than 5%, yet don"t worry around that due to the fact that the thinner the paint, the smoother the goes on. However, it is also more likely to operation on upright surfaces so be careful.This procedure is somewhat risky, but has good potential. Hard to get areas like door jams, cracks, and so on will look at amazing once the repaint is injected on. On the various other hand, the entire automobile may rotate out looking choose an orange. If the happens, you most likely need come mix in more acetone.If you obtain lots the orange peel, fish eyes, or various other demonic paint problems, you can constantly sand them away and shot again, and in tough to gain to locations it won"t matter anyway. Spraying on lot of coats likewise makes for a smoother finish. Wait a few hours between coats to permit drying.Leave the paint to dried peacefully because that at least a couple of days. Ns let my auto sit in a dry garage for over a week prior to putting any of the trim back.

After your repaint is nice and also dry (it need to be invulnerable come you pressing your fingernail into it), you can put all the trim ago on. Admire her work, and make certain not to scrape it! ns did while transferring the hood, and also got fairly upset.


There were a couple of flaws in the paint, such as the sometimes fish eye or scratch (a cat made decision to usage the door as a scratching post, god I hate cats) but all at once looked excellent. I arrangement on putting two 6-inch white stripes down the automobile later, which ns will probably use Rustoleum spray repaint to do.All in every this was an extremely fun, really experimental, but likewise quite satisfying. The cheat is to have a confident attitude about it...since girlfriend don"t know it"s walk to turn out well, you need to just i think it will. If the end up looks bad, sand the and try again. The forces of great will prevail.

After practically 2 years, i have ultimately washed the auto for the first time! lots of civilization have been questioning for brand-new pictures of the car, therefore on America"s birthday ns washed turn off a special layer that dust to uncover that....

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it looks as good as new! When contrasted to the initial photos, the repaint looks as bright, shiny and clean together ever.For a when I kept the car under a UV-shielded vehicle cover, and also for the last 6 month it"s to be under a carport, to minimization the UV exposure (a good practice for constant automotive paint too). Note that there room a few one or two areas the paint has actually cracked indigenous impacts, but more noticeably there space a couple of spots wherein bird droppings dissolved the paint. This happened due to the fact that I neglected to wash off stated droppings for several weeks. Ns will probably touch up these spots through the spray-paint variation of Rustoleum.Anyway....below are the photos, which speak for themselves! They space not changed in any means besides resizing and blurring the plates. Also, it was much sunnier the end (July at 2:00 vs December at 5:00) once I take it the new pics, therefore the shade doesn"t look specifically the exact same as the old ones.