This is a question commonly asked through patients specifically the individuals of glaucoma eye drops because they are claimed to take the treatment for a lengthy time.

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How plenty of drops a bottle will certainly dispense relies on the viscosity that the drug and the size of the feet in the eye dropper. It is generally welcomed that the medicine which have actually the viscosity comparable to that of water will have around 20 autumn in one milliliter which means we will have 100 autumn in 5 mL.

To confirm and also test, i took a few bottles the 5 mL eye drops and counted how plenty of drops they noted individually. They ranged native 115 drops come 130 drops per 5 mL bottle. This go not typical that all eye autumn of 5 mL capacity have actually 115 come 130 drops however we can safely assume that many of the 5 mL eye drop bottles have actually much more than 100 drops.

There are two vital considerations here:1. Many eye fall are available in volumes adequate to last around one month. Relying on the dosage, they are accessible in 2.5 mL, 3 mL, 5 mL and 10 mL mostly.2. Only one drop is enough to it is in instilled right into the eye in ~ a time and also delivers the compelled dose. Any amount an ext than that will circulation out that the eye since the conjunctival sac (the space between the eyelids and the eyeball) go not have room for an ext than one fall generally.

In the above context, let’s take the example of a couple of drugs. Timolol, for instance, is one anti-glaucoma drug supplied twice a day. For both eye (glaucoma is mostly bilateral), it will certainly be 4 fall a day and also 120 (4 x 30) autumn a month. So if you gain 120 drops indigenous the 5 mL party of Timolol, it have to be sufficient for one month. Timolol eye drop is obtainable mostly in 5 mL capacity.


Latanoprost/Xalatan eye drop is offered once a day only. Because that both eyes, it will be 2 drops a day and also 60 fall a month. It is mostly obtainable in 2.5 mL capacity.

Ketotifen eye fall is offered for allergy double a day. For both eyes, 4 drops will certainly be used in a day and also 120 autumn in a month. Ketotifen is easily accessible in 5 mL and 10 mL quantities (for one month and two month respectively).

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The over analysis says that over there are about 120 fall in a 5 mL bottle. This is reasonably supported by my tiny experiment with some eye autumn bottles. This clearly is no applicable come eye drops in suspension and also gel forms.