Cooking Ingredient: Please select a cooking ingredient. A thickness is required for converting between teaspoons and grams (a tespoon of sugar weighs much less than a teaspoon of water). If your ingredient is not on the list, click 'add own'. -- perform of ingredients --Water (pure)All objective flourAlmond flourBread flourCake flourPastry flourWhote wheat flourBaking powderBaking soda (bicarb)Brown street (packed)Granulated sugarPowdered sugar (unsift)Raw cane sugarHoneyMaple syrupSteviaButterCannabis oil (pure)LardMargarineCoconut oilOlive oilPalm oilRapeseed oilSunflower oilMilkMilk (condensed)Milk (evaporated)Light creamHeavy creamWhipped creamAlcohol, pure (ethanol)BreadcrumbsCinnamonCocoa powderCumin (powdered)Coffee (ground)JamMayonnaisePeanut butterSalt, fineTurmericYeastYogurt (plain)add own

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Convert between teaspoons (tsp) and grams (g) for a multitude the cooking and baking ingredients. Keep in mind that teaspoon figures are level teaspoons, no rounded or heaped (it have the right to make a big difference).

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How many grams are in 1 teaspoon?

Whilst a level teaspoon of street weighs around 4.2 grams, a level teaspoon of salt weighs around 6 grams. This is because sugar is a denser ingredient 보다 salt, an interpretation it weighs more.

to make specific conversion in between grams and teaspoons for your recipe, you require to aspect in the density of the ingredient. Us have consisted of conversion tables for sugar and salt below.

Teaspoons and grams for sugar (granulated)

Teaspoons to gramsTeaspoons come grams
1 teaspoon = 4.2g6 teaspoons = 25.2g
2 teaspoons = 8.4g7 teaspoons = 29.3g
3 teaspoons = 12.6g8 teaspoons = 33.5g
4 teaspoons = 16.7g9 teaspoons = 37.7g
5 teaspoons = 20.9g10 teaspoons = 41.8g
Rounded come 1 decimal place. United state teaspoon (level, not heaped).

How numerous grams the sugar room in 1 teaspoon?

over there are about 4.2 grams in a level tespoon of granulated sugar, whilst a heaped teaspoon of street measures roughly 7.5 grams.

If you want to know more about converting grams of sugar to teaspoons, see the article, how countless grams that sugar are in a teaspoon?.


Teaspoons and also grams for salt

Teaspoons come gramsTeaspoons come grams
1 teaspoon = 5.9g6 teaspoons = 35.4g
2 teaspoons = 11.8g7 teaspoons = 41.4g
3 teaspoons = 17.8g8 teaspoons = 47.4g
4 teaspoons = 23.7g9 teaspoons = 53.3g
5 teaspoons = 29.6g10 teaspoons = 59.2g
Rounded come 1 decimal place. Us teaspoon (level, not heaped).

How plenty of grams the salt are in 1 teaspoon?

there are around 5.9 grams in a level tespoon of salt.

please be aware that the perform of ingredient options included in the converter and also the referral tables space approximations, an interpretation the result you receive will it is in an estimate. The ingredient densities were sourced indigenous the Food and farming Organisation that the unified Nations as well as other information sources.


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