The Nashville-area property has lots of out space, room for plenty the cars and also even its very own lookout tower.

Courtesy Soloman Davis
With among his biggest hits entitled “She think My Tractor’s Sexy”, and with his Franklin, Tennessee, estate sprawling over 56 acres, you would certainly expect nation music legend Kenny Chesney to recognize a thing or two about tractors. In fact, in a current interview, the six-time Academy of country Music award winner and four-time entertainment artist of the Year admitted to owning no one, but two.

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Just don’t suppose to discover them ~ above his recently listed property.

“I think he liked his tractors so lot that he took them v him,” describes realtor Laura Stroud the Nashville-based French King well Properties, who along with colleague Lisa Wilson stop the listing because that Mr. Chesney’s spectacular Nashville-area home.


Featured materials incorporate reclaimed walnut, Venetian plaster and also Santa Fe clay barrel tiles.Courtesy Soloman Davis

Chesney, 53, purchase the Tuscan-style villa as a spec build earlier in 2009 for a reported $9.25 million. Called Bella Luce, Italian for “beautiful light”, it was designed by neighborhood Nashville architect Brad Norris, who was given free rein through builder Jimmy Franks the Old South construction to use some of the most authentic products available.

For the exterior walls, he mentioned 150-year-old brick and carved stone, in addition to Santa Fe clay barrel tiles for the multitude that roofs. Inside, it’s all rich, reclaimed walnut floors, hand-carved Mesquite-wood doors and massive cedar and Douglas fir exposed hardwood beams.

“What provides my heart sing room the exquisite Venetian plaster wall surfaces throughout the entire house,” claims Stroud. “It entails a remarkable time-consuming, and expensive, procedure where numerous layers that plaster room hand-troweled and also then given a wax complete to produce this beautiful luster and also sheen.”


The understand bedroom suite.Courtesy Soloman Davis

Naturally, because that such a high-profile artist choose Chesney, the original appeal of the residential or commercial property was no doubt that is security and privacy. Imposing gateways off Franklin’s Lake valley Drive open up to a half-mile-long driveway resulting in the tree-shrouded home’s stunning, brick-paved circular motor court.

When Chesney purchase the estate the included more than 30 acre of land but, follow to Stroud, over the year the singer quiet acquired extr plots for included privacy, also investment. “If a buyer wanted to, there are parcels that can be developed and also sold turn off while still keeping the property as a an extremely sizable estate,” she says.


The residence theater.Courtesy Soloman Davis

Talking that size, the residence comes v over 12,000 square feet of living space spread end four, elevator-connected floors. The key ground floor includes a spectacular reception room with soaring beamed ceilings, giant wrought iron chandeliers and two 25-foot-high limestone fireplaces, one at each end of the room. One archway leads into the home’s cavernous however cozy kitchen/dining room/family an are with its vast center marble-topped island, professional-grade appliances and rock fireplace.

This ground floor level likewise includes the stylish master suite with large wooden beams, vaulted ceiling and also Romanesque stone pillars. Here, you’ll also find a sit area, dressing room and French doors that open on to a personal patio.


The tradition gym occupies the basement level.Courtesy Soloman Davis

A wood and also hand-painted brick staircase leads up to the 2nd floor v three an ext ensuite bedrooms, each through its very own balcony overlooking the grounds. One much more elevator journey upwards bring away you to a whimsical lookout tower providing 360-degree views every the means to Music City in the distance.

The cavernous 2,538-square-foot basement area was outfitted through Chesney—often referred to as “the fittest guy in country music”—as a advanced gym. Other stand-out functions of the key house encompass a movie theater through oversized animal leather recliners, a billiards room and also an elegant office with built-ins and also arched glass doors leading out on to covered terraces.

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The home features lots the outdoor living areas.Courtesy Soloman Davis

In total, the house boasts over 3,000 square-feet of spanned terraces and walkways, one infinity-edged saltwater pool through a waterfall feature, and also a extended outdoor kitchen. “The the end spaces room truly exceptional,” defines Wilson. “Because the residence sits ~ above a hilltop, the views throughout the meadows to the large pond are spectacular. Over there is a actual feeling the peace and also serenity here.”

One major addition Chesney made come the residence was building a detached four-car stone garage in addition to the existing attached six-car garage. That also included two 500-gallon fuel warehouse tanks—one for diesel for those tractors, the other for gas for the singer’s vehicle collection.

Talking around the estate, Stroud explains it together “a tiny slice that Tuscany much less than 20 mile from downtown Nashville. While there room other large estates in the area, none have this level the character, this sort of architectural style and this lot over-engineered quality.”

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