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How many pictures will a 4GB card host using a 16 pixel camera? (digital camera, 10x zoom)
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I have ordered Samsung WB30F through 4GB Card and also i to be curious to recognize how numerous pictures my card can hold if ns take high resolution pictures using mine Samsung WB30F Digital Camera?This video camer has 16 MP through 10x Zoom.
Depends ~ above the resolution you"re using (I"ll i think full), if you"re taking simply jpeg images, then approximately 500 relying on the compression used. If that were qualified of raw (yours isn"t by what I have the right to tell with a uick search), climate it would be 256 images. If it might do Both RAW+jpeg (mine does and this is my default), climate you"d be under in the ~100 photo range.Regardless, the camera will certainly tell girlfriend how plenty of images you have easily accessible when friend insert the memory card.

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Here is the relevant page from the WB30F"s manual, obtainable here (click). Together you deserve to see below, a 2GB map will hold 218 of the highest possible quality images and 5750 that the shortest quality. Her 4GB map will host twice that. I constantly recommend bringing multiple smaller sized cards than a single huge one. 1 - deserve to be cheaper, 2 - you will certainly have earlier ups if you fill one increase or lose one, and 3 - you will have back ups if one fails. Superfine, fine and normal are Samsung"s image quality options. You have to note the superfine photos will be very big and aren"t optimized for sending via e-mail (file size could be too big to attach, especially when it is registered multiple photos). If all you"re walking to do is keep them on the computer or re-superstructure via Facebook, etc... Then normal top quality photos need to be simply fine. The number on the left-hand next of the chart are the image resolution alternatives (I"m not precisely sure if these space selectable or if the camera chooses): 16M : 4608x3456, 14M p : 4608×3072, 10M : 3648x2736, 12M W : 4608×2592, 5M : 2592x1944, 3M : 1984x1488, 2MW : 1920×1080, 1M : 1024x768.