Most typical Question: Q. What is a gross?A. For any kind of item, one gross (often abbreviation "GR") is 12 dozen. 1 gross = 12 dozen = 144 piece (72 pairs). 1half-gross = 6 dozen= 72 pieces (or 36 pairs).Why a "gross"? We think this is because in the 1800s and early 1900s, numerous jewelry findings, such together filigree findings and also other usual jewelry-making contents were make in Germany, and also sold through the dozen or the "big" measurement, the gross. (Gross, in German, method big.)

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Most findings are packaged through weight. Although we use really accurate counting scales and also trays, small variations in each item average the really count can vary slightly over or under the marked quantity. We strive to placed the exact amount in every bag, back +/- 5% is the traditional in the jewelry it is provided industry. In ~ 5%, a 1-gross bag could vary end or under by 7 pieces. Smaller quantities will it is in exact; you have the right to expect a bag marked "1 dozen" to contain specifically 1 dozen pieces.
devices of Measure provided in our online Store: 25 | 50 | 100 | 200 bag | sphere | box | map | doz | dwt | each | foot | gram | pistol hank | kilo | | lb | meter | mass | oz | ozt | pair | pkg | set skein | spool | spot | strand | ten | tube | vial | yd

ten (10), 25, 50, 100 or 200
Items through these units of measure up are marketed by the package of 10, package of 25, etc. Quantity price breaks are generally available. Because that example, SmartBeads are obtainable in packs of ten, with a price rest at 10 packs of ten (100 pieces), or 100 packs of ten (1,000 pieces). bag Items offered by the unit of measure up "bag" normally vary in size. In the summary of the item, we encompass the dimension of the bag, and/or an approximate amount per bag. If we did no list an approximate amount for an object sold by the "bag", please call us and let us know the article number, and also we"ll gain it fixed! ball The summary of items sold by the "ball" will encompass an approximate number of feet, meters, or yards the cording every ball. box The description of items offered by the "box" will include the amount that is consisted of in a box. cardItems sold by the "card" are generally very little beads, in a 2-gram blister fill on a map that deserve to be held on a sleeve display. If friend click into the details of an item sold by the "card", the item description or "Additional Specs" ar will include the quantity per card. doz (dozen) 1 dozen is 12 pieces, or 6 pairs. Items sold by the dozen, regularly have a price break at 6 dozen and also 12 dozen.Often with jewelry findings, 12 dozen (144 pieces) is composed as "1 gross", and also 6 dozen (72 pieces) is written as "0.5 gross" or "half-gross" or abbreviated as "1/2 GR". dwt (pennyweight) A dwt (pennyweight) is commonly used for weighing karat gold, and also is same to 24 grains, or 1/20th that a troy ounce, approx 1.5 grams. ea (each) One ea (each) is one piece. If an item is offered by "eaches" and also you stimulate 1 each, you will receive 1 piece. If friend order 12 "eaches" girlfriend will obtain 12 pieces. foot One foot is 12", i m sorry is 30.5cm, or 0.305 meters. gram items in our directory that are offered by the gram will generally encompass an almost right amount every bag in your description.Gram conversions for usual price breaks:a 50-gram bag x 10 = 500-gram bag = 1/2 kiloa 50-gram bag x 20 = 1000-gram bag = 1 kilogram of beadsa 10-gram bag x 10 = 100-gram baga 5-gram bag x 4 = 20-gram bag pistol (GR) One pistol of any type of item is 144 pieces (12 dozen).144 pieces is 72 pairs.A half-gross or 0.5 gross is 72 piece (36 pairs).10 gross is 120 dozen, or 1,440 pieces. hank A hank of Czech seed beads is usually 12 temporarily-strung 20" strands, however may be anywhere from 8 come 20 12-20" strands. Variety of beads per hank different according come bead size, strand length, and number of strands. This packaging technique verifies that all beads you receive, perform actually have a hole in them. And when particle beads were first mass-produced, there was no such thing as poly bags or plastic tubes. kilo (kilogram) 1,000 grams. lb (pound) One lb (lb) is 16 ounces, or 454 grams, or .45kg. meter (m) One meter is 3.28 feet, i beg your pardon is slightly over 1 yard. A 10-meter spool of chain, is 32.8 feet that chain. mass A mass = 1,200 beads that a solitary shape, color and also size. A fixed is the traditional unit of measure for many bead manufacturers, particularly in the Czech Republic. Since tiny or no repackaging is needed, many bead wholesalers offer a substantial discount for whole masses the a single shape, color and size that a bead. oz (ounce) One oz is 28.3 grams. ozt (troy-ounce) One trojan ounce is same to 31.1 grams, or 480 grains. It is the customary unit of load for precious metals, black powder and also gemstones. pair A pair is 2 pieces. pkg (package) Items marketed by the "pkg" are typically pre-packaged by the manufacturer for consumer use. If us did no list a quantity for an object sold by the "pkg", please e-mail us v the stock number, and we will send friend a reply and update the online store quickly. set Items sold by the "set" fall into 2 basic categories. A clasp offered by the "set" simply means you obtain both halves the the clasp, so friend don"t have to wonder if "each" method "each half" or "each set". Earring magnets are marketed in a collection of 4 pieces, so the you have the right to make a finish pair the earrings. Another type of set would be "one of each shade of this item", such together the Toho seed bead set. Countless assortment sets display as "out that stock" in the digital store, because we don"t assemble the set until that is ordered. skein Chinese knotting cord and also some other fibers (such as yarn) room packaged in a skein. Length will differ depending on form of cord. spool Many varieties of cord, cable and chain are packaged through the spool. Length will differ depending item. If we did not list a size in feet or meters for an item sold by the spool, please e-mail us through the stock number, and also we will certainly send girlfriend a reply and also update the online store quickly. spot A point out is a an are for a single person in a class or workshop. strand most gemstone beads, and also many handmade glass beads are sold by the strand. The most typical strand length is 16", however other common strand lengths are 8", 10", 32" and also 36". Strand lengths might vary +/- one inch. The number of beads per strand varies according to bead size and also strand length, and will vary from batch to batch. If we did not list an approximate number of beads per strand, you re welcome e-mail us v the stock number, and we will send girlfriend a reply and also update the virtual store quickly tube Some formats of seed beads are sold by the tube. Click the item"s for much more information around the dimension of the tube, and also the approximate number of beads consisted of in the tube. vial Some styles of seeds beads are marketed by the vial (very comparable to a tube). Click on the item"s for more information about the dimension of the tube, and the approximate number of beads included in the tube. yd (yard) A garden is 3 feet, or is 0.91 meters. There room 36" in a yard.

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