Whether you’re thinking about breeding her pug or if you’re just curious around understanding the breed, how numerous puppies a dog can have in a litter is a question that plants up a lot.

One thing to recognize is over there is yes, really no surefire means of predicting how plenty of pups a pug have the right to have. What we will certainly look at this day is understanding the basic range, exactly how to phone call if your pug is pregnant, just how we can aid her prepare for delivery and also give birth, and the aftercare. Room you ready? Let’s go!

How numerous Puppies should I Expect?

Let’s gain the big question the end of the method first. How numerous puppies do pugs have? In general, you have the right to expect all over from 4 come 6 puppies on average from your pug. Also the dimension of her pug will affect how plenty of puppies she deserve to have. There might be the weird time when all you obtain is just one large little puppy or you deserve to have as much as 9!


The average length of a pug pregnant is anywhere between 50 to 60 days, some more and some less. It all relies on your dog and it’s on a case-by-case basis. During this time, it’s necessary to monitor her dog and be ready for the birth by preparing the appropriate supplies and also tools. Most vets will certainly recommend a pug dog have a c-section due to the structure of your bodies. They have larger shoulders and also chests and also narrower hips, which can pose troubles during the birthing process.

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Do pugs have trouble providing birth?

Yes, plenty of pugs will have actually trouble providing birth. As result of their top-heavy stature, pugs exhibit narrower hips in comparison to their shoulders, which deserve to make a organic birth challenging and occasionally dangerous. As soon as you’re sure your dog is pregnant, we would recommend consulting through the vet to figure out which kind of birth is the most suitable for her dog.

What is the average number of puppies a dog has?

The average variety of puppies a dog has will count on the breed, the dimension of the dog, and also the age. Also the very first litter could yield a various puppy counting than succeeding births. For pugs, the median is around 3 to 5 puppies, however we have seen instances where just one or two were in a litter and there space rare occurrences where as much as 10 puppies are presented to the world.

The correct variety of puppies won’t be easily accessible until after that in the pregnancy. A quick trip come the vet will be able to determine how plenty of puppies her dog will have actually via one ultrasound.

At what age are pugs complete grown?

Pugs are component of a tiny breed, which means their maturity happens a lot quicker than medium to large breeds. Many pugs will certainly reach their full size approximately 9 to 10 months. Female pugs will go with their first heat cycle as soon as 6 months or up to a year. They can gain pregnant throughout their first heat cycle, however we don’t recommend breeding at such a young age.

Most breeders and vets will recommend wait at the very least until your pug is 2 year old to attempt the first litter. Dogs, in general, are classified together seniors when they reach about 7 year of age, which means 7 or 8 year is the maximum age your dog should obtain pregnant.


A congratulations is in order if you’re on monitor to end up being a dog grandparent. We’re sure you’re ecstatic about welcoming the puppies into the world. Simply remember that your pug is naturally at a disadvantage to offer birth, so make sure to schedule a caesarean section if the vet proposal it. Do your finest to take treatment of your pug to reduce the danger of health problems that might manifest throughout the birthing.

Always be all set to action in simply in case anything go wrong and have her vet on speed dial and an exit arrangement in situation you need to rush come the hospital. Pregnant is a difficult ordeal on the body, therefore be sure to carry out all you deserve to to save your pug safe. If you don’t arrangement on reproduction your pug, then we strongly introduce spaying in ~ a young age.

Did you Know

If you cannot find an ideal pregnancy food for her dog, puppy recipes are the next best thing. Castle offer an ext nutrients and also protein – everything a female dog needs during pregnancy.

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Expert Tip

It’s a an excellent idea to thoroughly bathe your dog prior to the big event. This will rid she of surface bacteria, dirt and also grime that could contaminate the birthing environment.