Looking to impress your guests v a delicious heap of smoked traction pork at your following barbecue? the a tempting notion. In enhancement to gift a an excellent source that protein, pulled pork is flavorful, versatile, and also offers good bang for her buck.

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Some house chefs balk at the idea of serving pulled pork come a crowd due to the fact that it’s too much work to estimate the correct number of portions. When this action does a bit much more effort than it does with burgers and also hot dogs, there’s a basic equation the can get rid of the guesswork. If you want to understand just just how much traction pork per person you must serve, you’ve concerned the ideal place.

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About traction Pork


Pulled pork is frequently made making use of the top fifty percent of the pork shoulder, likewise known together Boston butt. As soon as you to buy a pork shoulder roast at the supermarket, it typically weighs in between 4-8 pounds, depending upon the butcher.

The lower half of the pork shoulder is referred to as the picnic shoulder or picnic ham. It’s feasible to purchase both halves together, in which case they’ll probably be labeling a totality shoulder. However, the picnic shoulder contains more bone than the Boston butt, making that more challenging to calculate the productivity (see how To Calculate, below).

Although the meat comes from a region that look at a an excellent deal the action, it’s unbelievably tender as soon as you use the low-and-slow method. It’s very flavorful and juicy, too, many thanks to the high fat content.

Tips on to buy Pork because that the Smoker

Whenever possible, try to remain away indigenous big-box supermarkets. Pork that’s to be bred for industrial purposes will have actually less fat—and, consequently, much less flavor—than the should. Check with your neighborhood butcher to make certain that the pork you buying has been humanely raised.

If you’re together obsessed v grilling as we are, she probably familiar with the ax heritage breed. When it involves pork, there room a couple of notable examples: Berkshire or kurobuta (Japanese for “black pig”), which is well-marbled and also incredibly rich; Red Wattle, from the southern Pacific, with a robust, virtually beefy flavor; and also Tamworth, i m sorry is naturally leaner than its brethren and also yields exceptional bacon.

You don’t must buy legacy pork in order to get good results v your smoker, but if you can get your hand on some, we would certainly recommend trying the at the very least once. You’re bound to notice the distinction in flavor and also quality. To learn an ext about heritage each other pork and also how the raised, take it a look in ~ this video.

How lot Pulled Pork per Person?

In general, you should setup to have about 1/3 lb of pulled pork per person.

Obviously, this is the short answer. When you’re managing a large, fatty cut like pork shoulder, friend can’t just buy two pounds that meat for six people and call it a day—that’s not exactly how it works.

Additionally, you’ll need to take a number of outside factors into account, few of which may not occur to you until you’re ready to serve. To help you avoid the pitfalls of coming up short, we’ve listed these in other Considerations, below.

How to Calculate

If you’re utilizing 1/3 pound per human being as a dominance of thumb—which most experts recommend—remember the the cooking pork will only weigh about fifty percent as much as the raw pork shoulder. That’s because most the the moisture will evaporate away throughout cooking. So, if girlfriend buy a pork shoulder that weighs 6 pounds, you deserve to expect it come yield around 3 pounds of smoked pulled pork.

To do it simpler, this is the principle damaged down right into a straightforward formula:

(Guests x (1/3)) X 2 = lot (in pounds) of raw Pork Needed

Let’s to speak you’re expecting around 18 world for your next cookout. Once you division the number 18 right into thirds, you acquire 6. That’s the lot of pulled pork you’ll desire to end up with, so main point this number through 2. Using this formula, you should purchase about 12 pounds of life boneless pork shoulder.

18 guests x 1/3 = 6 pounds x 2 = 12 pounds of raw pork

Other Considerations

While 1/3 pound per person is a great yardstick to use, girlfriend might be able to make additional adjustments based on the criteria we’ve outlined below.

1. Time the Event

You can acquire away through serving smaller portions at lunchtime. If your occasion is beforehand in the day, take into consideration dropping the per-person amount come 1/4 lb versus 1/3 pound.

2. Setting

People will typically eat an ext at a official sit-down event than they would at a casual backyard gathering. For the latter, friend can plan on scaling ago the portions. As soon as guests space milling about in an energetic environment, they’re less likely to emphasis on the food.

3. The rest of the Menu

We understand the pulled pork is more than likely your star attraction, yet what else space you planning come serve? will certainly you have burgers or hot dogs to complement the key dish? What around the side dishes?

If you’re just putting the end a plate of pulled pork with buns (see below) and also a few bowls that potato chips ~ above the side, girlfriend should setup on serving more meat every person. Conversely, if you have grilled sausages, corn bread, small beans, and cole slaw to round the end the meal, you have the right to afford come scale ago the portions.

4. Bun Size

You don’t need to serve your pulled pork with buns, however if friend do, think about how their size will impact your portions. Continual hamburger buns will hold around 5 ounces (or one serving), however if you use slider buns or larger bulkie rolls, friend may have to change your calculations. Likewise remember that the buns will certainly fill your guests up faster, meaning that they can not return to the table because that seconds.

5. Age of the Guests

When the guest list has a bunch of kids under the age of 10, you bound to wind up v plenty the leftovers if you usage the 1/3-pound-per-person formula. In these situations, we would recommend planning on just 1/4 lb per child.

6. Leftovers

Because traction pork is such a versatile and delightful ingredient, we often tend to go v the “more is more” philosophy. The pork will store and also reheat easily, and also can be supplied in a organize of tempting dishes long after the party is over. Far better yet, Boston target is an affordable cut of meat, so shelling the end for one extra pound or 2 will only price a couple of dollars more. It’s better to have too much than not enough.

How To store Leftover traction Pork

You can use any airtight container to keep your leftovers, presume the lid is well-sealed. A plastic freezer bag will likewise work.

First that all, make certain to rescue as plenty of of the juices as possible. The moister the pork is, the much easier it will certainly be to reheat.

Next, seal her container tightly and place it in the refrigerator or freezer. Refrigerated pulled pork need to be consumed within 48 hours. If friend opt to frozen the pork, it should be defrosted and also consumed within three months.

Ideas because that Leftovers

Have a it is provided of zip-top bags on hand and allow the guest to take home a couple of servings apiece when they leave.Mix with your favorite barbecue sauce and also serve on bulkie roll topped with cole slaw and also crispy fried onions.Make traction pork tacos through corn tortillas, diced onions, cilantro, tomatillo salsa, and a squeeze of lime.

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How lot Pulled Pork every Person: The Bottom Line

So, while we would recommend allowing for 1/3 pound of pulled pork per person, there space exceptions come every rule. Our advice is to use this number as a guideline, and also to constantly buy a serving or two more than you think you’ll need.

Happy grilling!

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