Unlike the NBA and also the NFL whereby salaries room openly discussed, in wrestling, points are rather different. Apart from the lack of totally free agents, the WWE additionally lacks some kind of cumulative or public bargaining. Instead, every wrestler in WWE works as an elevation contractor.

Fun Fact: The Rock, one of the greatest wrestlers of every time go not run under a contract towards the end of his career but instead had a handshake agreement through the WWE chair, Vince McMahon.

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However, unlike The Rock, every the various other wrestlers under the promo are under contract. Through signing a WWE contract, wrestlers provide the promo exclusive legal rights to book them for events that the promotion deserve to then offer TV broadcast rights and also tickets for. On top of that, a WWE contract also enables the promo to negotiate merchandising and publishing transaction on instead of of the wrestler.

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Despite all the nitty-gritty, the royalties and also payment section is the part that most wrestlers love around the contract. The WWE contract sponsor wrestlers a basic salary and also a percent of the door receipts and also merch sales.

WWE salaries & Earnings

From the info we have gathered, WWE wrestlers earn an average yearly salary that $500,000.

Veterans and top-tier wrestlers earn the best base fairy in comparison come the mid-tier and also lower card wrestlers. Moreover, top-tier and also veteran wrestlers, get luxurious treatment as the promo flies castle first-class, hire luxury cars and chauffeurs for them before setup these wrestlers in several of the ideal 5-star hotels. All completely catered for by the company.

So, exactly how much execute WWE wrestlers earn to step into the squared circle?

The 10 Highest-Paid Wrestlers

Wrestler Earnings
1. Brock Lesnar$10 Million
2. Roman inn Reigns$5 Million
3. Randy Orton$4.1 Million
4. Seth Rollins$4 Million
5. Triple H$3.3 Million
6. Becky Lynch$3.1 Million
7. Goldberg$3 Million
8. Shane McMahon$2.1 Million
9. Stephanie McMahon$2 Million
10. Braun Strowman$1 Million

Our Favourite WWE Merchandise


Referee Salary

WWE referees are among the greatest paid in the world. This comes together a no brainer together referees space an integral part of the match ensuring the wrestlers can safely execute their moves. Referees are likewise in fee of regulating the circulation of the match and in relaying an essential information and instructions indigenous the producer to the wrestlers.

Like WWE wrestlers, WWE referees are required to preserve kayfabe and also should render decisions in line with the company’s kayfabe rules. As soon as a wrestler is unable to continue with the complement due to an injury, the is the duty of the referee to educate the opponent and if essential stop the match.

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How lot Do WWE Referees gain Paid?

WWE referees earn anywhere in between $150,000 to $500,000 annually relying on their level the experience. The most experienced referees have the right to earn up to $5,000 per match and also a max that $15,000 for pay every views. Except this straightforward income, referees are also entitled to proper facilitation and also bonuses native the promotion.

Just prefer it is the case with WWE wrestlers, over there is likewise a large gap between the earnings of male referees and that of female referees. Unlike experienced referees, rookie referees are often selected because that fewer matches and can earn a max of $1,000 per match.

Professional referees are not only well versed through the rules and regulations but additionally have countless years the experience as soon as it involves officiating matches which describes why they often tend to get an ext matches. For this reason the higher pay.

In a proffesion that’s dominated by men, Jesicca Carr is the just female referee in WWE earning $2,000 because that a key event enhance while $500 for an in-house show.

Who is the highest Paid Referee?

Charles Robinson, Chad Patton, and Mike Chioda are the highest-paid WWE referees v all the 3 earn an annual earning that $500,000. Considering their level of experience and the familiarity with the rules of the sports each of this referees earns $5,000 per match and also $15,000 because that main event matches.

It’s essential to keep in mind that WWE referees are the highest-paid referees in the world, earning more than UFC, NBA, Premier League and NHL referees.