Depending top top the intended usage of a casket and how the is handled, its weight can be a factor to consider. Having said that, there is no particular predetermined answer come “how lot does a casket weigh” or “how heavy is a casket“, but normally is in between 60 and also 200 lb, unlike little products like cremation rings because that ashes, for example.

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In addition, if friend opt for incineration / cremation, over there are really light options in i m sorry you have the right to keep the ashes of your loved one and constantly carry them v you, favor a memorial necklace because that ashes.

Factors that have an impact in the weight of a casket

There space several components that have the right to dictate the total weight the a casket. These encompass the following:


The materials used to handmade a casket is amongst the significant factors that determine its total weight. There is a broad array of materials that can be used, the most common of which room metal and wood.


Wooden caskets make use of popular hardwood such as cherry mahogany, maple, walnut, pine, and oak. Each of these materials has actually a various weight. Also specific varieties of boards can vary in weight, depending upon where it is from, the amount of humidity is present in the wood, and its density, amongst others.

How much Does a Casket Weigh?The sweet of a casket depends on that size, material, and more factors.

Of all the popular casket wood products mentioned above, pine is the lightest, weighing just 43 lb. For every cubic foot. Mahogany or cherry are frequently the heaviest. Every cubic foot of these woods weighs 53 – 56 lb./cubic foot.


There are many different types of steel that deserve to be used for caskets. These encompass stainless steel, carbon steel, and even gold, copper, and other precious metals. A metal casket load is figured out not just by the material. The manufacturing method, thickness the the material, and also other factors likewise come into play.

When offered to make a metal casket, stainless steel contributes come the full average load by around 494 lb. Because that every cubic foot. Yellow is heavy, weighing at least 1,200 lb / square foot.

Most metal caskets usage anywhere between 16 and also 20 gauge thick steel. 20-gauge stole is lighter and thinner than 16 or 18-gauge steel.

Fiberboard or Plywood

Caskets made of fiberboard or plywood are typically covered v solid hardwood veneer. This is to make it look like it is do of heavy wood. It is a more affordable different to a solid timber product. Friend can likewise paint and finish the casket in countless different ways. You have the right to cover the with towel to come up through a more natural, comfortable, and environmentally-sustainable alternative.

Furnishings and also Fittings

Caskets room often much more than simply a metal or wood box. They room fitted v functional and decorative hardware that incorporate hinges, clasps, and also rods to do lifting or moving it easier. Corners, and other choices to do the casket an ext attractive and functional also add up to the complete weight.

Casket fittings are commonly made of hefty brass. The steel is corrosion-resistant and attractive, but it is heavy, and also thus contributes more to the weight.

While the materials at the interiors are heavy, the towel materials inside room light, and also do not have actually a significant impact top top the overall weight. These include satin, velvet, crepe, and also other irradiate materials.


Of course, the enlarge the casket, the heavier it will certainly weigh, given comparable produccts of specifically the very same materials and ornaments.

Standard Caskets

A traditional one actions 24” (width) and 79” (length) inside. A casket of this size will to the right a human standing 6’6” tall. But, it can also accommodate people who are 6’7” or 6”8 tall if their knees space bent a bit. To measure the right width, measure up the human straight across at the shoulders or elbows. This is regularly the body component that is the widest. In general, typical caskets need to comfortably sweet a human weighing about 350 lb.

Oversized Caskets

Larger-sized or overlapping caskets are obtainable for higher or more comprehensive people. You have the right to find wider caskets v widths the 27 ½ or 30 ½”. The trouble is, traditional cemetery plots or vaults just measure 30” wide. A large one may not to the right in a standard-sized burial space, raising related interment costs, no to point out the effect it will have actually on the overall weight.

Other Casket Fittings

Caskets are frequently fitted through handles and rods to make lifting much easier – even when castle are already quite heavy as castle are. Various equipments are also used come move, lift, and transport more heavier caskets quietly and discreetly. Typically, a “church truck” with 4 wheel is placed under the product, as pallbearers go along. This is more symbolic 보다 actually carrying and also lifting the casket.

Final Words about casket weight

To sum whatever up, the complete weight counts on assorted factors. These include the materials it is made of, that size, and also the fittings it is fitted with. By understanding all the materials and also accessories that make up a single casket, you will appreciate why a solitary casket can weigh a lot.

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Casket weight can vary extensively – from 60 lb. Come as heavy as 400 lb. Or even more. As soon as empty, a continual wooden casket have the right to weigh roughly 150 to 200 lb.