my friends mother asked me come dj she friends daughter's bday party. Since i to be a bedroom dj, i have actually no idea what to fee them. Deserve to anyone provide me some advice?


My veteran DJ friends called me to charge what ns felt i was worth, and while that is a pretty summary answer, i really took the to heart. That exact same DJ dues $500 a gig, which seems pretty high, but always remember your numerous hours and dollars you invest in recognize tracks and also practicing, the expense of the gear, travel expenses, and of course her time ~ above stage. DJing is a expert trade, lot like a mechanic or a building worker, and also its likewise an art. I'm not saying you need to charge what he does; that is a fine seasoned DJ, and also every gig is different. Just go with your gut.

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Take right into account songs youll must purchase, pa rental (if you require to), gas/travel expenses, and also then typically do around 40 to 60 bucks an hour.

Most residence parties ive played ive invested 30 bucks renting a pa/mixer, and played because that 4 hours. Fee my very good friends 180 bucks to make a 150 profit and also they provided me a 24 pack of beer at the finish of the night.

Most civilization assume lowering costs for your friends, but in the music sector you really invest so much time functioning with/for friends its detremental to provide them any major discount. Lock should recognize that.

OK therefore you room a bedroom DJ and also you obtained your first gig for a friend of a friend's party. Because that this type of situation, first will you need to rent PA gear? will certainly you must purchase songs, cables, any type of other accessories? placed that price all together. Climate add about $10 - $20 one hour on peak of that. Let her understand that this will certainly be your first gig and that you space charging a minimal dues on optimal of the equipment rental and also thank she for the opportunity.

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For people I recognize I usually don't go over $50/hr. Because that strangers or human being I don't feel that i owe a great deal i go roughly $80/hr. Remaining cheap way I constantly have work and also people are an ext inclined to pointer me so ns usally acquire an extra $50 or so

Free because that friends. If you have to rent equipment then simply charge yet much that cost you. For anyone rather I'd charge $50hr for 2 speakers. More than likely $75 come $100hr for more speakers and lights

It's a friend? Why would you fee a girlfriend for doing something you love i m sorry is not also your job?

Not my friend personally. My friend's mommy asked me to dj one of HER friend's daughter's bday party. I don't understand these people, they're the ones who readily available to salary me, and they room asking exactly how much i would certainly charge to dj for 4 come 5 hours.