Knowing the weight of one ATV have the right to be an important factor in deciding i beg your pardon ATV to buy. The most apparent reason is come ensure you have capable method of moving the ATV. Is that light sufficient that it can sit in the bed of your truck or on your trailer? have the right to you haul it with your mini SUV or perform you must buy a truck? this questions may depend top top the load of her ATV. But, that is not the just reason you need to be interested in the weight of one ATV. You want to make certain you space able to lift the former or rear end of her ATV or press it increase an incline if necessary. If you weigh 120 pounds, you may not want to acquire stuck through a 900 lb machine. If you room going to it is in riding locations where you can roll your ATV, over there is a huge difference in between 300 pounds and also 900 pounds rolling over you. Finally, the weight of the ATV is going come determine, to an extent, exactly how much regulate you have and how high solution you have the right to turn in part cases.

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So what go an mean ATV weigh? around 590 pounds or 268 kg dried weight

But, the load of the ATV you room looking at more than likely won’t be 590 pounds. The load is going come depend mainly on the size of her engine (cc), however even in ~ those sizes, over there is a most variance. However, it is pretty safe to to speak a 90cc ATV is going to weigh rather a bit much less than one 800cc ATV. Finding the best ATV is walking to rely on a many factors, including the weight, dimensions and also engine power. Girlfriend can discover out all around different ATV sizes in our complete guide come ATV dimensions and also if you require to number out what size to buy, inspect out this great guide. 

Below, you can uncover the most complete guide obtainable on ATV weight based upon engine class (by cc).



This is most likely the most well-known sized ATV because that kids. The typical 90cc ATV weighs about 265 pounds. The biggest 90cc ATV I uncovered was the AlphaSports Daisy 90, i beg your pardon weighs 289 pounds. The lightest, by a single pound, was the Bombardier DS 90, i beg your pardon weighs 249 pounds. Most that the 90cc ATVs I observed were in the 250-260 pound range, with a few heavier exceptions skewing the average.


200cc is the course where we start acquiring into the larger youth models, however there is no a huge choice at 200cc. The mean 200cc ATV weighs about 365 pounds. That mean is again it was crooked by one outlier in the super-light Yamaha Blaster, which only weighs 250 pounds. Most that the other 200cc ATVs were in the top 300s or reduced 400s, v the Polaris witnessed Tooth topping the charts at 425 pounds.


The median 250cc ATV weighs around 410 pounds. The lightest, by a relatively wide margin was the Honda TRX 250EX, which weighs only 360 pounds. The most heavy 250cc ATV I found was the Yamaha big Bear 250, which weighs 456 pounds.


300cc is no a very popular course of ATVs so over there weren’t numerous options. The heaviest 300cc ATV I discovered was the Polaris Hawkeye, i m sorry weighs 550 pounds. The lightest 300cc ATV I uncovered was the Arctic Cat 300, which weighs 477 pounds. The average 300cc ATV weighs around 510 pounds.



The mean 500cc ATV weighs about 630 pounds. The two outliers happen the typical weight down room the Polaris Outlaw 500, in ~ 425 pounds, and also the Polaris Predator 500, in ~ 405 pounds. Most of the various other 500cc ATVs ns reviewed weighed more than the median of 630 pounds. The most heavy 500cc model I found was the Polaris Sportsman 500 X2 EFI, i beg your pardon weighs 791 pounds. As you might be catching on, The various Polaris Sportsman ATVs space usually heavier than their counterparts.


The median 650cc ATV weighs around 635 pounds. The heaviest maker I discovered at 650cc was the Arctic Cat H1 TRV Plus, which weighs in in ~ 724 pounds. The lightest 650cc ATV I found was the Bombardier DS 650X, i m sorry wasn’t simply the just 650cc ATV I found under 600 pounds, it to be under 500 pounds, at simply 494 pounds.


At 700cc, we see our best gap between the lightest and also heaviest ATVS. The Yamaha Raptor 700R weighs in a shockingly light 396 pounds. Top top the other end, the Arctic Cat 700 Diesel weighs in at 809 pounds. With that broad spread, the mean 700cc ATV weighs in at 645 pounds. when the Yamaha Raptor is by far the lightest, friend can find a 700cc ATV at nearly any load you want, through multiple models obtainable in the 500s, 600s and 700s for pounds.

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If you space buying a brand-new ATV, examine out these equipment you might want, and also of course, don’t forget to inspect out our really select recommended gear.